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    Need help with Jass Spell Code

    misspelled initializer: Noticed because Syntax highlighting would give it a different, non-keyword color. Looked weird.
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    . 2011 signature was wishful thinking: I am me. Advanced gui triggering merged with jass custom...

    . 2011 signature was wishful thinking: I am me. Advanced gui triggering merged with jass custom script calls. Work status too: I quit school. I am a full time war3 mapper now :D
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    Increase The Draw Distance

    Right click Camera 001, select properties, increase far clipping (FarZ) value to 10000.00, Okay.
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    how to detect when a player gains wood

    Events are registered at map initialization, therefore you're erroneously thinking that (Player 1 (Red) Current lumber) will magically update every time. It doesn't - that line of code just means 450 or however much wood you started the game with. Not dynamic. Static. Should really just use 0 as...
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    Replaced Unit won't Attack-Move

    I bet "Replace" does not trigger the "unit enters region" event again. That's your problem. Edit: Elaborating: The minions being replaced with enchanted minions in the middle are already inside the region "center" when they are replaced, so technically the new units never entered center - the...
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    Pitlord Deathsound?

    It uses the Kodo Beast death sound. Found it using CascView'ing the sound SLK file "animsounds" in ui\soundinfo. Excerpt from: C:\Warcraft III\!\CascView\Work\war3.w3mod\ui\soundinfo\animsounds.slk Lines 4143-4145: C;X1;Y277;K"PitlordDeath" C;X2;K"KodoBeastDeath.wav"...
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    Stoping building traing unit

    To find out the Order ID of an ability (yes, cancel is an ability), you can make a simple trigger: //JASS is so much nicer: function Grab_OrderID takes nothing returns nothing call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,I2S((GetIssuedOrderId())))...
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    Stoping building traing unit

    Send it this command: 0x000d0008 call IssueImmediateOrderById(Building,0x000d0008)
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    Opening Map Problem

    I never Daved a gamecache before... Blizzard accidentally (or purposefully) removed that function (called Game Cache - Save Game Cache) from the world editor's GUI. No GUI maps which used SaveGameCache can be opened now. Solution:Write a complaint (in email) to blizzard. They'll fix this...
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    How can i protect my map? +REP

    Hi, I'll expand my protection guide with info on how to use Vexorian's Map Optimizer. I didn't know it was hard to use. Thanks to Beetlebomb for linking my site, and thanks to Julian4life for pointing out that not everyone knows instantly how to use new programs. --3ICE (The update will be...
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    Mathematics - Functions

    Re: whatever :D A quick review: Poke button: I learnt a new thing too! THX for the Modulo :D
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    Show a timer window to only one player

    W.E. Bug! :D Damn pesky World Editor Bugs :D The following two triggers don't work for multiplayer. It works fine for red, but the rest of the players don't see the actual time countdown. function x takes nothing returns nothing //locals local timer T local timerdialog...
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    Unit Portrait is gone? I need it back.

    >Sooda i have read all tutorials on this site. i know about mpq hacking but i wanted to know if there was a legal way of exporting game interface strings using the w.e. and no, i use the normal w.e i tried weu but didnt need any of it's features. im fine with the normal w.e also: I RESET EVERY...
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    Unit Portrait is gone? I need it back.

    i dont have any custom models in my game. when saying heavily modified i ment to say the strings in game interface. i did not touch any models. i have been working on my problem and did the following: exported all my object data into a file made a new map and imported every object data. now all...
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    the event for saving is this: Game - The game is about to be saved i have no idea what could be the action. i tried: Defeat triggering player //didnt work Force UI cancel //didnt work now if any1 has an idea share it. EDIT: i found the resource trading disallow action: Game - Set Lock...
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    Unit Portrait is gone? I need it back.

    i used the DEFAULT night elf demon hunter model -.-
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    Is it possbile to make a custom race?

    > Instead of night elf i want it to be Dark elf. well take the race night elf and modify the units to have a darker color :P you can go into detail and replace the original NE spells with dark elf ones (you will have to make the spells, there are no built in darkelf ones) you can also change...
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    Unit Portrait is gone? I need it back.

    (Sorry for the word portrait but i don't know how else i could call the icon near the unit stats) I don't know what caused my portraits to disappear like the ones on the attached GIF. The first picture is a critter that has immolation. The second one is just a Demon Hunter. Now, my map is...