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    Spell Birds

    ah, wonderful.. Great Thanks to you :)
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    Spell Birds

    sorry.. for that stupid question.. but where can i find the editor? there is a world-edit.exe, but i cant open it.. how to configure all the things.. is there anywhere a tutorial? //edit: i can open the map now, and paste the triggers.. but my hero does nothing, when i cast the spel..
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    .. just a test

    .. just a test
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    Spell Birds

    i really enjoy your spell.. i would like to import it into my map.. but i cant.. i make my map with the GUI, i cant import your spell.. i get errors like " i made a screenshot, but it is in german. i looked in many forums and pages, but i cant find any helps. Must i copy just the code or the...
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    creep gold in dota

    hello everybody, i am interesting in the animation which shows the money, you get when you kill a creep in dota. its an gold number rising up. does anybody know, how to make something similar? or the same effect? is there somwhere a full script? thank you :)