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  1. jonadrian619

    General A Simple Illusion that Completely Screws Up Your Sense of Space

    Good grief, just because it's called "News" doesn't mean it has to cover an event (a current event at that) and that's it. It can be trivia, interesting articles from the get-go, etc. Well, there are worse illusions out there. One example is in the spoiler, but don't stare at it for too long...
  2. jonadrian619

    Sci/Tech Avatar mirrors users facial expressions in real time.

    dafuq did I just read? That aside, CG animation would be a breeze to do if that technology would be used.
  3. jonadrian619

    Innocence (style experimentation)

    ....*stops watching videos in YJ* I have recently experimented on a new style in PS CS1 and the result: It's supposed to look flat, knowing that it has vector-ish elements, and at this stage it still looks simple compared to my desired outcome....but I suppose I'll make more tags in the...
  4. jonadrian619

    Impossible to tickle yourself?

    It's way worse when somebody else does it. I can run my fingers in my knees but I don't feel too tickled. When somebody does it though, it feels like it's multiplied a hundredfold. Just imagine yourself in a scenario where you're tied in a chair, possibly by your friends during a wild party...
  5. jonadrian619

    Console gamers literally are too dumb to play this kind of game (tactical shooter)

    Most of the FPS games right now are very fast-paced. It takes a special set of skills (and good teamwork) in order to stand out of an FPS game like Soldier Front, Call of Duty or any Battlefield game. In the FPS games nowadays, it is not a matter of just being able to do it and finish a mission...
  6. jonadrian619

    What was the inspiration behind your own art?

    Back when I used to make SIGnatures, the amount of time it takes for me to design my own tags varies dramatically, ranging from 1-8 hours depending on the style I use, with my two main approaches in sig-design being vector and photomanipulation. [I called it quits for tagging, not out of...
  7. jonadrian619

    What's Your Favorite Image Editor?

    PS is really powerful not only with editing but it can also cater to anybody's artistic needs, for those who are skilled in doing art. And so is GIMP and MS Paint (like what Revolver said^^). Even though I'm more aimed at vectoring as a designer, I voted for PS mainly due to me being used to its...
  8. jonadrian619

    'Mouse' clamped in mousetrap

    Actually, the title isn't what it really seems to be. I'm sure you're not crazy and foolishly brave enough to do what is shown on the video. A word of caution, totally NSFW, I warned you. Rest assured though, it's hidden with an improvised mouse puppet, hehe. Hands down to Chris...
  9. jonadrian619

    Fairy Tail: Natsu Dragneel Fiery Tag

    One of my best works I believe. An 'old' sign I did in November 2010, recently I wanted to return to this vectorstyle again, kinda missed it. Rest made from scratch even the flames except the render if I remember correctly. I prefer this kind of pentooling over C4Ds, fractals and stocks...
  10. jonadrian619

    Sig Contest! [*NEW*]

    I'm still a n00b gfxer, but entering nonetheless.
  11. jonadrian619

    Seasons of Fruit

    One of my latest signatures, not my latest, but still new :p It's all vectored except the girl and pink swirls. It's kinda like my 9th SOTW win in another forum, but sotw is my motivation to do tagging.. I'm sort of an old member here, if you still recognize me, then Hi :p Ever...
  12. jonadrian619

    Post the most beautiful signatures you've ever seen

    @iPeez: I don't think signatures only compose of those (though actually that's where i started). I think that signatures are no different from digital/traditional art in terms of artform, the only difference is that their image dimensions are small and their composition can fit into those small...
  13. jonadrian619

    Post the most beautiful signatures you've ever seen

    His second siggy is fully hand-drawn and its also an SOTW winner btw (including his other abstract tag, where both tags may be considered scratchworks) ^___^
  14. jonadrian619

    Post the most beautiful signatures you've ever seen

    ~ Post the most beautiful tags you've ever seen ~ If had a Post a Cool Pic thread if I recall, then the graphics zone should also have the likes of it. I have seen similar threads in various forums, so why not here I'd say... Anyway, you can post the signature[s] you think as the...
  15. jonadrian619

    July 2010 [Experimental] Tagwall

    Mostly comprised of different styles but since I'm just an amateur newb, I still have a lot of things to learn before I can make good-looking tags. As of this day, I've been only 3 months gfxing (from end of April to this day). This tagwall contains some experimentations on liquify, smudge...
  16. jonadrian619

    Sig Contest [next]

    Can I have until tomorrow night (gmt+8)? Well, I just came back here ^___^ I'll try to whip up a signature for the current theme...
  17. jonadrian619

    Crysis: Metamorphose

    @Blade: Here, just don't forget to give credit where it's due, awesome renders made by Angelus-Hellion from deviantart ^___^ I just saw where I got wrong here. I'll try to work up on those key things, and I have to know more about color theory because that's where I lack... I just did that...
  18. jonadrian619

    Your favorite Meme?

    RickRoll'd I love Rick Astley and his music among others ^___^
  19. jonadrian619

    Crysis: Metamorphose

    I got really C4D-oriented lately. I did this in my own way and I kind of like the outcome. Besides it's for SOTW #126 anyway... ^___^ CnC as always... thanks!