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  1. Dr.Jack

    Discussion Do you believe in the paranormal?

    Ghosts are like god. You can't prove they exist. You also can't prove they don't. Someone that believes in ghosts will interpret things differently than someone that doesn't. One could never change someone's mind because it is not an opinion its a belief. But I find this topic hard to address...
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    Paul Root Wolpe: It's time to question bio-engineering
  3. Dr.Jack

    Military above the civil law?

    No offense but this exactly why back in the day only mods could post debates... You don't explain what is military law let alone why it is problematic. The questions raised are not clear and frankly it seems as if the debate was posted without any thought and without botherhing to spell check or...
  4. Dr.Jack

    Crime Baby girl dies after being placed in a washing machine.

    You are not serious, are you?
  5. Dr.Jack

    World Massive Mag 8.9 Quake hits Japan, Hundreds killed in Tsunami

    Earthquake moved Japan 2.4 meters and Shifted Earth on its Axis Along with all the tragedy from the earthquake and tsunami from Japan, the world has seen a shift. Literally, the Earth has shifted on its axis in direct correlation to the earthquake. Japan’s strongest earthquake on record has...
  6. Dr.Jack

    Firey Monitors

    I love it! Good work man - you made in 4 hours what I probably couldn't make in 4 years. :P The only thing though is that the background seems a bit too blend as opposed the Render - at least in my opinion.
  7. Dr.Jack

    Phoenix Jones - Superhero

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    Facebook - Social networks

    Ahoy me mateys! Before reading on please be sure to read the rules of debating and also understand how NOT to debate. So, this debate regards social networks, Facebook especially since it is the most popular one. The 21th century is a technological one, and with the many advances humanity had...
  9. Dr.Jack

    Damage over time and unit groups

    It has been a while since I dealt we WE, especially with GUI, so forgive me if I'm wrong. But what you could do is a run a trigger every 0.1 seconds that will add the plague_group all units that are within 100 of units that has plague buff. Event: Unit starts the effect of an ability condition...
  10. Dr.Jack

    Water to Ice in 90 Seconds in a Vacuum

    TH, Someday I'll discover how you can find so much cool content!!
  11. Dr.Jack

    Reputation - A Seth Cross Debate

    Excellent debate, that perhaps could affect the site. Thanks for hosting it Seth. Now, on to blessing you all with the opportunity to read my opinion... I think if understood properly reputation can be a GREAT system. It awards people that help/contribute. As I explained before, I love getting...
  12. Dr.Jack

    General A Movie Designed to Put You to Sleep

    ec. 3) -- Most filmmakers wouldn't want to be told their films put people to sleep, but it's a compliment to director Sondra Lowell. In fact, putting people to sleep is her goal as the self-proclaimed inventor of a new genre she calls "film sleepy." Lowell has made two such films thus far...
  13. Dr.Jack

    Crime Police: Man wrongly texts drug offer to prosecutor

    Police say an Indiana man was arrested after mistakenly sending text messages to a prosecutor about drugs he was trying to sell. The Herald-Times of Bloomington reports that the 26-year-old Martinsville man sent messages last month to deputy prosecutor Courtney Swank on her department-issued...
  14. Dr.Jack

    Crime Caught on CCTV: The moment jealous husband bought the machete used to hack off wife's

    This is the moment a jealous husband bought a machete to be used in the killing of his wife after she asked for a divorce. Illegal immigrant Harpreet Aulakh, 32, ordered two men to ambush Geeta Aulakh, 28, in a quiet residential street as she walked to collect their two young sons from a...
  15. Dr.Jack

    UK News Special report: Will the white British population be in a minority in 2066?

    When future historians consider the most significant legacy of 13 years of New Labour rule, what will they decide upon? Chapter upon chapter will focus on the spending binge and subsequent debt crisis. Likewise, much will be written on the weakening of this country’s moral authority in the...
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    So it seems as if you support the leaks. So obviously I'll take the opposing approach. :P Don't you think the government kept this information hidden for a reason? We picked our government so it will protect us, so don't we need to trust it? This information obviously harms U.S.'s and many...
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    As you probably know, recently the site WikiLeaks received much attention due to its latest leaks. Some more info here and here. What do you think about WikiLeaks? Are their actions right or wrong? Is it OK to act illegally and risk national security? Or it is perhaps, it's the citizens'...
  18. Dr.Jack

    Health Passive smoking 'kills 600,000' worldwide

    The first global study into the effects of passive smoking has found it causes 600,000 deaths every year. One-third of those killed are children, often exposed to smoke at home, the World Health Organisation (WHO) found. The study, in 192 countries, found that passive smoking is particularly...
  19. Dr.Jack

    Sci/Tech Facebook looks to trademark the word 'face'

    The social networking giant Facebook is a few steps away from trademarking the word face, online documents reveal. The site has been asked to detail a "statement of use" by the US Patent and Trademark Office, explaining how it intends to use the word. If granted, the trademark will only...
  20. Dr.Jack

    TSA scanners

    Ninja Sheep let me tell you something. They are EXCELLENT at what they do. Maybe not in the US, but in Iraq, Afghanistan, India?... And believe me, it is a matter of time until the next big terrorist attack, probably somewhere in Europe. The only reason that terrorist didn't succeed yet is...