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    General Rebecca Black’s "Friday" Disappears From YouTube

    ARK music factory. Autotuned Rich Kids That's what it means :thup:
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    General Student Quits At U.C.L.A. Over Rant

    OH FU** NO! wow she just went too far.
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    Google Translate Beatbox

    I found this somewhere on the interwebz and you could change it too. go on google translator and make it german to german then put "pv pv zkpv zkpv pv zkpv zkpv bsch. bsch. bsch bsch bsch bsch pzpzpk pv pv pvzk pv pv pv pvvv" and translate then listen to the translator
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    How to create...

    How do you create an ability in the editor?
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    Can't Play Videos?

    I got Windows 7 and pretty much everything works except videos... like the sound works when I play one but the screen is just blank. Is there a fix for this or something? EDIT: Fixed it, all I had to do was download some video codec thingy. Can someone delete this thread?
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    How to make unit from scratch...?

    The data editor's so confusing... like if you create a unit, it's just blank. What are you supposed to do to actually make a unit...?
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    Crime Man Choked To Death By Clerk For Stealing Crayons...

    Time to retake school as a special education student, clerk. (No offense to special education people. ;D)
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    Spell Spike Trap

    Graveyard this, please.
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    A reason to quit WoW

    But if I try to log in it won't let me if I don't put it... it's so annoying! :banghead: It's not optional for me!
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    A reason to quit WoW

    Not really force you, but you have to get one to play or at least I'd have to since it makes me unable to play without it. I log in one day and then: wow: "Enter your mobile authenticator code thing" me:"wtf were do u get that?"
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    Spell Spike Trap

    ~BUMP~ Ouch.
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    Spell Spike Trap

    ~REAL Update~ This time I checked.
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    Spell Spike Trap

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    A reason to quit WoW

    One reason I quit WoW: Blizzard forces you to buy some Authenticator code thing...
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    I guess so...

    I guess so...
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    Spell Spike Trap

    I think I was going to do that, but I guess I got lazy. :( Updated. ~
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    Spell Spike Trap

    bump ~ What do I have to do to get this approved?
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    Really really small waits

    Time to use NewGen.
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    Spell Spike Trap

    bump ~