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    Good Writing Music

    I make different playlists for different characters that I write about frequently. They're all mostly an hour long, and made up of various songs that fit the character's personality.
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    My Sort Of Band The band is real, the song that is up is a joke with some of my friends who live near me and come over to hang out and jam.
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    Prose: Apr. 18th

    Er, I suppose I could do some of the comics. Examples of my recent art are up on the intarwebs if you're interested.
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    This Needs A Title So Badly...

    Set in the universe of this -> If you read everything in that plot AFTER "A Hundred Year, Minute-Long Intermission", you might understand this a bit better. Anyways, I really need a title for this little work in progress, and I was...
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    Seth Cross Writing

    That is EPIC.
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    Seth Cross Writing

    Here's mine:
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    Letum Sancto Fides (Working Title)

    Very haunting. Nice bit of horror!
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    [Idea] Dancing Through Life

    They auditioned in interpretive dance. It's one of those schools where you have to show off your skills to get in.
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    Poetry Contest 8!

    Some silly little soup rhymes. Count me in!
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    [Idea] Dancing Through Life

    So, I want to the open house of a magnet high school with my friend the other day (we're both applying for Literary Arts there), and I was joking that he and his best friends should apply for dance. He made a crack as to what would happen if they got accepted, and thus, Dancing Through Life was...
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    What is writing to you?

    I get inspired by everything I see, like everyone else. I write mostly fantasy, though, because it's what I was brought up on, and it's how I think. I'm sort of a procrastinato when it comes to finishing books and longer storylines, so I've found that short stories are my thing. I am working on...
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    Cool! Could you maybe do the text a bit more centered, though?
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    It Is Not A Side Effect Of The Sedative, I Am Thinking It Must Be Madness

    Short story I wrote a while back that I recently edited. Smith and Brendan are my favorite characters to put together, because they're such opposites. Smith's a bit OCD, and can blow things a bit out of proportion (think Ari Gold from "Entourage"), and Brendan's...well...insane, to put it...
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    My DeviantArt

    ...feels under appreciated. Have at it. Critique and more is appreciated.
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    Okay, hi. I need a picture, preferably with a black background, with the quote "The angels just cut out her tongue, call her Black Mariah" on it. Size is not an issue here, and neither is legibility. The more pixelated or the creepier, the better. Also, it needs to have this image somewhere on...
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    My new game!

    It's more of a text-based, puzzle solving thing for those who are interested.
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    My new game!

    So, I have started an ARG (That's Alternate Reality Game, for all you people behind the times). If anyone wants to jump in on it, you can catch up at this page. Just don't let 'em know that I'm the one running it. They think I'm a "friend of the PM (the one running it)" so shhhhhhh!
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    Poetry Contest 7!

    Here's my final draft for my entry, written in the style of Shakespeare.
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    Welcome To New Arkham

    Thanks! My co-writers and sort of had this idea that all of the main villains slipped deeper and deeper into madness after they were put into solitary confinement, and I wanted to convey that with this story.
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    Part Of A Short Story

    I'm sure Cillian would be very offended at being called a Ghostbuster. :D