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  1. bananaHUNT

    SC2 Price in Germany?

    In Holland the normal game will be €59,99 (or €54,99 pre-order) and €99,99 (€89,99 pre-order) for the Collectors Edition.
  2. bananaHUNT

    Old name quoted

    Yeah I know, thanks for the quick reply!
  3. bananaHUNT

    Iconpack Forest Command Buttons - |Mod's Pick|

    By all means, use them! That's why I made them! :D Credits are not obligatory, as long as you don't say they're yours. But it's still nice if you do ;)
  4. bananaHUNT

    Old name quoted

    A while back I had my name changed, because I used to have my real name as username. But a thread with my name still comes up in Google, so I asked Smith_S9 to edit his OP, which he kindly did, but somehow it still remains. Perhaps this is because there are still two quotes left with my other...
  5. bananaHUNT

    WIP Epic Dungeon Siege

    Bump, how is it going a year after?
  6. bananaHUNT

    Detecting units within a cone

    Thanks :D I used your GUI way vypur and it totally works ! Btw are there any leaks to remove? This will be the basic attack so its going to be used like hundreds of times (.2 cd). It was something with udg_RemoveGroup right?
  7. bananaHUNT

    Detecting units within a cone

    Well I don't know jass :( Any GUI way?
  8. bananaHUNT

    Detecting units within a cone

    I want to pick all units within a cone-shaped area in front of the caster. This is to make a simple slash spell: You activate an ability, unit shows attack animation and slashes a small area in front of him for x damage (preferably his attack damage): ________ \ area / \ / \ /...
  9. bananaHUNT

    Terrain Contest I - Voting!

    Voted for #1; 1. Great atmosphere, only thing I dislike is the size of the helicopters. 2. Nice idea but doesnt have that wow!-effect. 3. Standard wc3 view is a killer. 4. I like it but still I've got the feeling there is something missing. You've got too much open space on the...
  10. bananaHUNT

    Creep Quotes

    yeah i found that one too :P but it aint the one im looking for :( FOUND IT! this is so useful ^^
  11. bananaHUNT

    Creep Quotes

    There was a thread some months back, which had a huge list of random quotes that TD creeps, walking to their death, would say. Like "oh god, i should have stayed in bed this morning" and stuff like that. Could've sworn I had it in my bookmarks, but unfortunately not. I've searched for about an...
  12. bananaHUNT

    [Icon Recolor] Need someone to recolor an icon

    Well it's real easy, you can do it in a minute. I use photoshop and work like this: - create new layer - paint your colour - remove the edges or where ever you dont want a recolour (or they will be coloured too) - change the blending mode - optionally change the opacity & fill - optionally...
  13. bananaHUNT

    Name Modification Request

    Please could you change my name to bananaHUNT Thanks <3
  14. bananaHUNT

    Timer Icon

    UI\Widgets\BattleNet\bnet-tournament-clock.blp ?
  15. bananaHUNT

    Other Warcraft III Arena

    What will make this different from TcX?
  16. bananaHUNT

    WIP Dungeon Crawler

    One of the most entertaining and impressive games I have played in a while. I didn't know the levels were randomed after I played it and read it here. I must say it's amazing because it looked like there actually was a design for each level. The drawback however was that I got quickly bored of...
  17. bananaHUNT

    Event referring to Reincarnation ability

    You can periodically check if it has the buff right? Take a periodic time event and use 'If [unit] has buff';'Buff equal to [reinc buff]';'Then do your trigger'.
  18. bananaHUNT

    Event referring to Reincarnation ability

    Can't you add a buff field and check for it? I don't know when/how long the buff would appear, but for most abilities there is a buff field, I think for Reincarnation as well.