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  1. Psiblade94122

    RPG Crystal Crawlers

    so i finally fixed up the bullets to work with terrain heights (they will no longer fly up or down) and have no collision with the combination of.... Float move type (they are like ships) crow form (height) ghost (visible) no collision this allows me to spawn bullets without pushing anything...
  2. Psiblade94122

    [Adventure] » Arcadia - Rise and Fall

    it slows down considerable on some of the angles in the game because of the massive ammounts of models onscreen at the same time but that should not hinder gameplay as there is nothing in this game that would require twitch movements so full fps would not matter. azareus i would help you, but...
  3. Psiblade94122

    how the hell do i make a map

    according to ign you can pre-order sc2 from gamestop to get a beta key which means you only need to put down $5 for a beta key then pay the rest of the game off later but.... thats later once you get beta key you get the editor
  4. Psiblade94122

    Defense OMFG! 1 Billion Ghouls!

    to cope with wc3's limited unit count system, i would suggest putting a cap on how many gouls would be on the feild at once, if there are less than that ammount then spawn moar gouls, if there are more then stop spawning till some die off Event - Periodic event going off 10 times per second...
  5. Psiblade94122

    [Adventure] » Arcadia - Rise and Fall

    hmmmm i would think that it would kick you back out when you run out of charges....
  6. Psiblade94122

    [Adventure] » Arcadia - Rise and Fall

    beat it, some of the puzzles got me for a few minutes till i checked the quests and saw what you named them =_= the camera angles where well placed from a artistic perspective, but messed up mouse movement so that made navigation a bit hard and annoying golem movement animation was a bit...
  7. Psiblade94122

    Dungeon Raid!

    most orpgs use the simple default battle system most orpgs do not have boss spell patterns he dosent want heavy handed scripting which means that there are no attack patterns no custom combat system no AI for the boss to use skills therefore im asking if it is going to be like any other orpg...
  8. Psiblade94122

    Dungeon Raid!

    so in other words its going to play like any other Orpg on wc3? what i would suggest would be something along the lines of impossible bosses (the reason why people fail at it is not because their items are crap but because they dont know the boss attacks, but once you know them itll be like...
  9. Psiblade94122

    [Model Request]PotM Arrow with "Ribbon Tail"

    what color ribon you want? if you want a blue one then absorb missile (abilities) red one would be pheonix fire (ability) white fade yellow (healing spray) black (neather drake?) clear would be uhh... warden missile? that might be greenish green would be illidan evil do not use the water...
  10. Psiblade94122

    WEU: where to dl?

    hmm when you say destroys your pc, what do you mean? as for the mod itself, dont use it from personal experience (one of my earlier maps) was closed because i couldn't keep working on it (they put so much crap at the start of the map that it just bumps the map size up like crazy ontop of making...
  11. Psiblade94122

    [Model Request]PotM Arrow with "Ribbon Tail"

    1 use a dummy unit that has an attachment point at origin 2 give the dummy unit an item ability thats a pssive, this will always show its effect 3 put the potm (the original version should have a ribbon + hero color) arrow to the item and attach it to origin 3 put whatever other effects you want...
  12. Psiblade94122

    Starcraft Nuclear Strike Spell

    and we both fail.... from the sc wiki which will mean that you would have to take the max hp of the affected unit check if 2/3rds of that ammount is greater than 500 if 2/3rds of total is greater than 500, deal that ammount in damage else deal 500 damage to the affected target
  13. Psiblade94122

    Starcraft Nuclear Strike Spell

    nuke silo can be any building type unit has the unit "nuke" which will dictate the build time and cost for the nuke once "nuke" is finished, give the silo the buff "armed with nuke" (something like that) which has infinate duration The buff effects If a unit is being trained by the nuke silo...
  14. Psiblade94122

    Minigame Escape the dark world (ETDW)

    if your still having troubble with the HP bars make the selection circle scaling for the units to -x where x is a number (if that fails use -1) this will get rid of the floating bars
  15. Psiblade94122

    Spell Warp Field

    for the speed, to keep things simple you can do this Timer .04 (.04 flat) this makes the trigger run 25 times per second, makes the math simple (as opposed to .03 which will run 33 times a second 34 for 1.2) You can make the move speed based on normal wc3 speed instead of having to do the...
  16. Psiblade94122

    Unit facing

    i see you finally did it but.... theres an easier way then trial and error Get the point of somewhere directly infront of the caster, this will be our base point Get the angle of the caster to the point, this will be our base angle Make a loop for however big you want the wall, make sure the...
  17. Psiblade94122

    Real and integers in Strings

    convert integer into a string convert real into the integer so.... (convert integer (convert real (your real)) into string) should be how it should look like, i dont have WE open right now so i cant say for sure
  18. Psiblade94122

    A consistantly useless spell...

    mabey pause after adding the spell?
  19. Psiblade94122

    A consistantly useless spell...

    considering that the event is begins casting, it is most likely an active i take that back, he dosent detect the casting spell and uses ability level in his condition which might imply that its a passive... damnit stop confussing me in your unit groups (when your setting them) picked unit will...
  20. Psiblade94122

    UnitHasBuff not working.

    btw.... considering that the buff name and the ability name is the same... why would you need to detect the buff that the casting ability is placing? Woudent it be alot easier to just detect the spell being cast? I mean, think about it Lets say you cast cripple Cripple induces cripple to the...