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    Double Hit Skill (Melee)

    I looked into this yesterday and for melee it is pointless having a double attack with the orb's affect since it wont be seen, the double attack might as well be 2x crit... Works well with ranged hero's though.
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    Code Generator

    No idea made it a few years ago i was like 16 years old or something... so its unoptimized like i said.
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    Double Hit Skill (Melee)

    No it wont... It will do the "attack slam" animation. not the "attack,slam" animation.
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    Code Generator

    Hey, Troll_killer and other SA dude. I made a GUI save system a few years ago. It might be slightly unoptimized since its kind old but it works. Also it might be overwhelming. lol
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    Referring to values in extended tooltip for units

    Hey you learn something new every day!! Tooltips can get any value from any unit, spell, item, etc For an example here is the priests heal spell tooltip edited: Input: Heals a target friendly non-mechanical wounded unit.|n|nRange: <Ahea,Rng1>|nCooldown: <Ahea,Cool1>|nAmount: <Ahea,DataA1>...
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    Gold Gathering Unit(Help)

    That sounds weird to me. Why not just do this: EveryMin Events Time - Every 60.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units of type Footman) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Player - Add 12 to (Owner of (Picked...
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    Detecting collison and projectile flying height

    Look at this MaD Object System This is an easy to use system for making units move "realistic". You can now make your units knockback,jump,fly or move them anyway you want with only few simple line of code. I've included examples which you can just copy and paste. Requirements...
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    Items and Inventories.

    They can be converted to jass. Well the best way would be to separate all the item types into the item classifications then when an item is picked up run through the items the unit owns and test each one.
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    Questions on function Damage Target

    I use it for alot in my map like falling damage and projectile collision in my map. This is my BulletHit Function: function Col_BulletHit takes nothing returns nothing local Collision C1 = CurrentC1 local Collision C2 =CurrentC2 local Object O1 = C1.M.O local Object O2 = C2.M.O local unit P1 =...
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    A knockback system

    I tested it out and its works fine. but its not really a knock-back system, its more of a push system since knock-back means backwards and the function takes an angle. knock-back would be the targets facing direction - 180
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    damaging problems

    The jass is fine, Dirac kindly pointed out that it could be optimized. and he stated that the: Wait 1.00 game-time seconds breaks the for loop. its a common noob error. You need to use timers if you want to create a delay. forloops can not have waits in them.
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    Items and Inventories.

    I have fiddled with inventories a lot in the past, check these out you will find what you need.