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  1. Dameon

    Melee units stop going to target and face archers on a cliff

    You can make a unit is attacked trigger. C unit type of attacking unit archer gate is alive = true A order attacked unit to stop order attacked unit to move to-attack gate
  2. Dameon

    How to detect which timer array nr. expires

    MI Events Map initialization Conditions Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to 12, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Trigger - Add to Timer <gen> the event (Time - Timer[(Integer A)] expires) function Trig_Timer_Func001Func001C takes nothing...
  3. Dameon

    How to make serpent ward and mass serpent ward work on same hero.

    or you can just change the order string to another ward the unit does not use, maybe healing?
  4. Dameon

    Cancel timer for hero revive

    so you want to add a cheat that will stop other players from reviving. It is easy, make a trigger that will run when you type what you want then pause and destroy the timer.
  5. Dameon

    Need map deprotection expert

    there is the option of whoring your self out to a computer nerd, you might get lucky, I tried it once but all I got was punched. Is it weird the only person ever to slap me was a man yet I have gotten punched a lot by women, punched if I was lucky. "Crawls away"
  6. Dameon

    Tree deblight?

    not sure if this will work cause I never tried it. Destructible - Pick every destructible within 50.00 of (Position of (Triggering unit)) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions...
  7. Dameon

    Timer array question

    no you can use a for each integer a to add the timer events on MI. for each integer a 1 - # of timers add event to trigger 2 timer [integer a] expires
  8. Dameon

    Need map deprotection expert

    no mater how you look at it you are posting about deprotection, rather it be a map or some one that knows about it, it is simply not supported here, there are other sites that do support it. How can we take you at your word if you cant even follow simple forums rules. Here is an idea that you...
  9. Dameon

    Point removal and point array question

    meant 1 as in first question about the array and 2 as for the 2nd custom script question. So to removed them you just do call RemoveLocation (udg_Point_A[1]) to do the whole array place it in a loop and call RemoveLocation (udg_Point_A[GetForLoopIndexA()])
  10. Dameon

    Point removal and point array question

    1 should work, 2 wont, but you can use a FEI 1-array size for it.
  11. Dameon

    Will this realy workwork?

    not sure about that, which is why I made the topic, I don't know enough on how we it stores and access the locations. I don't really expect this to work and I didn't expect we to let it thru with out a warning but it would be funny if it did work. just curious on every ones opinions on this
  12. Dameon

    Order unit to...

    ahh yeah that's right, I keep forgetting it is like that, damn blizzard, a event that says a unit is attacked and the attacking unit is the triggering unit... I under stand that the attacking unit triggers it but they should have named it a unit attacks instead of a unit is attacked.
  13. Dameon

    Order unit to...

    ?? what you talking about?? I was referring to the first post and attacked unit being changed.
  14. Dameon

    Will this realy workwork?

    You know I was bored today and thought I would try this and the map compiled with no errors, so I was curious if this might actually work to remove the leak? Hero - Instantly revive (Triggering unit) at (Position of (Triggering unit)), Hide revival graphics Custom script: call...
  15. Dameon

    I need a revival system for my hero-creeps

    yes the data is most defiantly taking up memory, it has to do so for what he wants since he wants them respawned where they were first placed, only way around this is to place a region which will take up about the same amount of memory. If it was a matter of a region it would all be a lot...
  16. Dameon

    I need a revival system for my hero-creeps

    I think you might miss understand what a leak is and how varibles work. A leak is created when data is created and can no longer be accessed with out being destroyed. So a leak is data that cant be accessed. He isn't creating new data, he is accessing stored data so there is no leak. If you...
  17. Dameon

    I need a revival system for my hero-creeps

    ahh I was thinking that bj_wantDestroyGroup = true was just a Boolean or some thing which it is but I didn't know it would clear the group, I don't use jass to often. As for the location it wont leak, it is just reused every time, so it always call from the same source. So it is a permanent...
  18. Dameon

    I need a revival system for my hero-creeps

    is what leaks in it, chances are it is not working for him cause an array size issue. But 1 leak wont hurt anything, people are way to obsessed over leaks when most wont even be noticed till you end the map.
  19. Dameon

    Strange BUG in the WE.

    if you have to many mi triggers it can cause some not to work, try removing mi from them all but 1 and add a run trigger action for all the others into the one you keep as mi, or make them into 1 trigger and the problem will stop. Not sure why this happens but I noticed it a long time ago...
  20. Dameon

    Problem with Cloud Abilities

    how is it bugged, what is it doing and what is it not doing. What is the hero ability based on? What targets do you allow in the dummy ability? Why are you adding the ability to the dummy thru the trigger instead of the object editor.