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  1. Nightshadow

    Making a new mod. Looking for partner(s)

    Ok. EVERYONE just started blabbering about Dota. I never wanted to compare it to DotA. I just thought it'd be the logical thing to do, seeing that it is so popular. Everyone ever play Desert of Exile? Good Mod. Age of Mythology? THATS what I want. Physical abilities. That actually change...
  2. Nightshadow

    Making a new mod. Looking for partner(s)

    100% agreed.... unfortunately... Well I can see that there arent alot of people that are interested... Thought we'd give DotA a challenge xP
  3. Nightshadow

    Making a new mod. Looking for partner(s)

    Woot, let me start off by answering you: These maps don't get finished. because it's a loner doing it. With a whole band of brothers(if you will) a project like this will be easy to overcome. To be honest(Answer to the 1st 2 Replies) I don't like DotA really either... I just play it cos I...
  4. Nightshadow

    Making a new mod. Looking for partner(s)

    Well it kinda has it all in the title. But here is some extra details on the mod I want to make, I've tried making this with a real life buddy, but he never willing to work for it. I need someone who could supply me with triggers/heroes weekly(Exceptions ofcourse will be granted) WC3 Mod...
  5. Nightshadow

    Warp Stalk

    Hey again guys... I tried it only now, the whole thing works... except for the Curse, the attack's not dodged.
  6. Nightshadow

    Warp Stalk

    Okay, awesome, you guys da best. Send me a msg if you need any help on terraining haha there i can help, I havent bothered looking for Terraining Help forums =P
  7. Nightshadow

    Warp Stalk

    Hey thxs alot guys, just 2 things. Can you give me an example of Ordering a unit to cast a custom ability? How exactly would the variable for the % work?
  8. Nightshadow

    Warp Stalk

    >Evasion Procs = When the Ability Evasion(Or in this case Warp Stalk, which is based on Evasion) activates, so, when attacker misses. Thats informative, thanks alot Psi, but one question... How do I make custom >Issue Dummy Unit to cast Curse... how do I put custom abilities in there...
  9. Nightshadow

    Warp Stalk

    Hey again guys, im trying to make an ability called Warp Stalk, where, when evasion procs(activates) the unit moves to the back of the attacking unit and does whatever... this I can do on my own, but how do I make the event Evasion procs? Even if i have to use Custom Scripts its all good, as...
  10. Nightshadow

    What would you like to see...

    Im right here for all yer ideas =P For the Name, you will need to think of a few things first... I was thinking of something in the Direction of,"Battle Architect" or something like that, you get it. But... 1. You're going to post this on the web. 2. Nobody's going to look for Architect...
  11. Nightshadow

    Need Great Terraining Job Done!

    What Size must it be, thats a big question to everyone... to reply to a previous post in this thread, he Did say Sunken Temple by the way. Im very sorry but I cant help atm, Im very busy but mail me in a few weeks if you havent been helped and ill see what I can do :) IF I can do anything :o...
  12. Nightshadow

    Moving to back of unit.

    hey(again) all... Im wonderin' how i can make a trigger that would instantly move the caster to the back of someone... so... move him behind the target. And if id like to make a blink where, when you target the point, you move there, and then after 0.25 seconds you move to a place same...
  13. Nightshadow

    Spell/Tree Respawn

    Yes thats quite right ^^ Sorry if i was being a bit vague previously... must have been a bit daft that day lol =) Yes id like the target to get slowed too, but im sure i can do the target one... but maybe a leakless example would be appreciated, its an ability called Shadow Slice, so it should...
  14. Nightshadow

    Spell/Tree Respawn

    What will event be? A tree(destructible) dies?
  15. Nightshadow

    The Faceless Soldier

    Not bad not bad =) Dude its not bad, but dont just color in the places you dont want to put detail in =P And if those are shadings I recommend you work on them a bit cos thats one shaaaaaady fella' then, but hey man we all start SOMEwhere dont we =) Keep drawing keep sketching, who knows, you...
  16. Nightshadow

    Spell/Tree Respawn

    Okay hey all =) Im sort of having trouble with two things... #1 ---> A spell I cannot remember how to make... i remember it had to do with Angles... from point of casting unit to target unit of a.b.c, but anyways, i would like to make a blink, which I set the targets and u can only target enemy...
  17. Nightshadow

    Spell Bladestorm of Frost

    Pretty good... But no where close to you're previous stuff T, and also, sometimes when you break trees the explosions/effects stop... awesome nonetheless bud but you normally do much better, +rep anyhoo =) Well done but everyone appreciates honesty =)
  18. Nightshadow

    Abilities in real life

    Duuuuude.... So... you're in a car crash on the way to vegas with youre ENTIRE family.... the truck hits you... nd ONLY you... **Click** ---> BOOM! You are responsible for you're family's souls =p sounds great... really =/ Oh yeah, and we already HAVE that dude... havent you heard about a wee...
  19. Nightshadow

    Critical Strike Special Effect

    I know... Hey ehm... i sorta know... unfortuneatly it wont be like x2 the damage of the unit... but you can put in floating txt... ehm... im still newb so dont know exactly how to put that trigger stuff in...Ok.. make a new ability, basing it off of any damaging spell... then make another...
  20. Nightshadow

    Icon requests

    Icon Email me at [email protected]... i am experienced photoshop user.