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  1. Miz

    Sci/Tech Samsung Galaxy S III dethrones iPhone as world's top seller

    I got the phone as my first smart phone. Not saying I am much to judge by, I really only got it because the phone I first was looking at was 3G and the salepersons really convinced me to get 4G stating that the 3G models were about to be moved off the production line anyway.... It is really...
  2. Miz

    [Sarcasm] tags? Can we get these?

    I am not really sure how necessary such a tag would be? Speaking you can often times convene such terms with emoticons or italics.
  3. Miz

    News Mouse faces extinction as computer interaction evolves

    Mice now, Mice forever! Its kind of like a book, a mouse is perfectly sculpted for the hands. Touchpads can be cumbersome and not really good for getting actual work done.
  4. Miz

    World China: Mobs “Mistakenly Burn Down” Samsung Factory

    While I feel like the issues in this article have been resolved. I feel its just best to let this thread close down. Please try to keep it civil. To be honest there is no such thing as purely objective news. You are however able to post any news you wish in the news submission that you believe...
  5. Miz

    Crime A gunman killed one person following the election of a separatist government in Quebec

    Well Canada is a federation (just like the United States) as Sim is saying. Any state in the United States can declare an "official language". In fact most states do and we just don't really notice it because there is no restrictions against it (as is being claimed inside Quebec) and there isn't...
  6. Miz

    World Ecuador grants Julian Assange asylum

    As an international political junkie, I am mixed when it comes to Assange. I see Assange as a rather ignorant and a simple minded person in many aspects. This is especially true in his so-called "creed" against the United States. Its ignorant speaking that in the International political game...
  7. Miz

    Guess the Forum-Member

    Yep. For those who do not know, SD Ryoko (former administrator) is severely afraid of Geese when they migrate down to his area and nest near his office.
  8. Miz

    Guess the Forum-Member

    I am sorry, I got distracted with Real Life Stuff. No it is not BlackRose. Its someone major from The Helper history. You gotta think way back. The goose has nothing to do with their avatar, its something they said.
  9. Miz

    Guess the Forum-Member

    Hmm, the decisions. Well I hope this person wasn't already done. Its probably a little bit too easy for those who know some inside jokes, but I think they need to be mentioned. My clue:
  10. Miz

    General The End of Chinese Manufacturing and Rebirth of U.S. Industry

    I had a discussion about this with my friend, and this article mostly agrees with what I said. Huzzah...?
  11. Miz

    Guess the Forum-Member

    You are correct, there is someone with a kirby avatar in the WEHZ. Even I have remember seeing someone... Hate to be that member though, just crying in the corner because no one remembers who you are. Though I thought maybe we are on a false lead and we are supposed to be after someone with...
  12. Miz

    Guess the Forum-Member

    I am pretty sure I would flip people out if I changed my avatar, a public uproar, this thing has been the same for me for like five years. People only recognize me because of it.
  13. Miz

    Guess the Forum-Member

    Those times when you know someone by their avatar but not by their name.
  14. Miz

    Report Study shows rats feel empathy

    I don't think its that unbelievable at least through what the study says. Though the reason why I think its possible for rats to feel empathy is because rats are mainly social creatures. I am sure if we did something similar to other social creatures they could have empathy for another...
  15. Miz

    selectively disable facebook

    You could utilize Noscript and block Facebook until you want to use it.
  16. Miz

    The Secret World - Beta Weekend #4

    Moved to General Gaming. It was posted in Game Help.
  17. Miz

    The Official SCII Chit-chat Thread

    Saw this and had to give it to some of you guys...
  18. Miz

    Sidebar Move to Left Hand Side

    This is difficult because of the Chat in the Sidebar. However we will look into the options of trying to make our Sidebar get skinnier.
  19. Miz

    Sidebar Move to Left Hand Side

    This has been done. The sidebar is also being touched up design wise and content wise. So if you would like to see any changes let me know.
  20. Miz

    Sci/Tech Japan’s Cyber-Attack System: “Pure Ghost in the Shell”

    As a person who has watched Ghost in the Shell extensively. That is Ghost in the Shell... They would make a similar animation when the characters hack into a network or someone's cyber-brain. Though maybe this is like the Matrix and inspired by it. Wouldn't doubt it too much. Ghost in the...