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    sleipnir#2100 @discord

    sleipnir#2100 @discord
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    What, exactly, IS a computer virus?

    Virus scanners don't just check the code inside your little program on-the-fly. They check the program against a virus database. If it isn't in the database, it isn't reported. They mostly check for the file sizes, file names and exact matches in the binary.
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    Jass New Gen Pack (JNGP) 1.5e

    Does the War3err for 1.24b work? Also Grimoire is on 1.5a now I think.
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    Legends Latest Dev Updates: Modified terrain tiles. Readded various doodads on the terrain. Changed Timed of day on start. Nearer camera distance General lag reduction. Kraven the Scourge (Completed) Refir the Draenei Paladin...
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    Just an update regarding development: I'm working on the ai script. (Yeah, I know too early since the heroes aren't all done. but it was interesting) I left it running for about 45 minutes with 4v4 ai and it worked quite nicely.
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    System BuffStruct

    I just made a workaround for multi-instancing by having a separate BuffManager struct to count instances.
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    Latest Dev Updates, New downloadable. Finalized Abilities Paladin - Reckoning, Holy Light, Aegis of Valor Proudmoore - Spectral Slash WIP Abilities Akama - Shuriken, Mirror Image Lich - Impalement Major Changes Sliding...
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    I just came back to mapping a week ago, after a year and a half of not opening it. Yeah I remember. It was a coincidence that you posted an update on your map the same time as I did.
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    I'm working on multiple heroes partially so there isn't another one with a full set of abilities yet. The closest right now is the Paladin with 3/5 abilities finalized.
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    Legends Update for the Iron Maiden remake. Some of the other heroes and abilities are WIP, art improvements and such. Bits and pieces of the UI are being tweaked. The Iron Maiden Theme: Warrior with legendary armor regalia. Focus: Disrupting the enemy team...
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    Oh hi there. So here's the story: Due to not having decent internet connection to play LoL, I've been playing DotA recently. This kinda re-ignited my urge to map. So I decided to opened up this project last night after more than a year of inactivity. In the past year, I've been playing a...
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    Design Requests (Xenforo)

    The default font being serif seems awkward, well to me at least. I like sans serif better.
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    Regarding the LoL build thread, I think it would be better to just post a link to Mobafire :)

    Regarding the LoL build thread, I think it would be better to just post a link to Mobafire :)
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    Warcraft 4: Will it happen?

    I guess there's no point in making another Warcraft RTS. As the upcoming SC2 Trilogy is deemed one of the best RTSs and ESports to date.
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    The Monomyth

    We actually discussed this on Game Design class last year. Cool
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    Health Vaportrim Makes Cupcakes Inhalable, Cuts Calories to Zero.

    so it simulates the actual pleasure of eating cake... doesn't that sound like taking drugs cause it makes them feel better?
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    unity game engine for free

    Cool. iOS and Droid licences are free for Unity!