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  1. vypur85

    -vypur's sketchbook-

    Hahaha. Can't believe this thread was created 15 YEARS AGO!!!!
  2. vypur85

    [Comic] The Watcher

    Thanks TH! I'll continue to post here in TH in future! ...though not consistently.
  3. vypur85

    [Comic] The Watcher

    Made this comic for some time. It's basically a mash up of some of my old drawings that I put together to form a short comic. It's actually for Halloween but I'm a little late.
  4. vypur85

    My Digital Art

    Going pretty slowly now. It's the summer. Time for being lazyyy! Hahaha. More to come in future, boss.
  5. vypur85

    My Digital Art

    My wife cried so much when it died. Don't think she'd do the same for me. Hahahaha.
  6. vypur85

    My Digital Art

    This is a digital painting of my wife's family dog. He died 3 years ago. Had a little element of sadness and gloominess in the video.
  7. vypur85

    My Digital Art

    Finally got something done. It's a speedpaint my wife's eye. Attempted for some realism thing but didn't turn out as expected.
  8. vypur85

    Crime Malaysia: Boys, 6 and 3, crash parents’ car, while driving to buy a toy car

    I saw this news as well and I kinda just laughed. The parents got charged.
  9. vypur85

    My Digital Art

    Not drawing much lately. Been busy for a long time. Been dealing with illness too. Hah. Getting old. But, yeah, your encouragement will inspire me to go beyond! Woots!
  10. vypur85

    My Digital Art

    Ahhh thanks TH!
  11. vypur85

    My Digital Art

    Hey all, Been a long time since I posted my last thread here. I recorded some of my digital paintings and posted them on Youtube. Enjoy, enjoy... My channel only has one subscriber. Hahaha. Please do support, but no obligation. :p
  12. vypur85

    [Comic] Just The Way You Are

    It's been a long long long time...
  13. vypur85

    Technology Apple may add ultra high-end iPhone model in 2024, even more expensive than current Pro Max

    Maybe just adding another camera hole and then bump up the price. Whee. Not a fan of Apple products at all. Really good chip and efficient software handling. But bad at many other things... too many restrictions.
  14. vypur85

    The Stickiest Non-Sticky Substance

    Very interesting indeed!
  15. vypur85

    Yeah! It's been almost a year since I last posted here!

    Yeah! It's been almost a year since I last posted here!
  16. vypur85

    General Why One Of Pornhub's Biggest Stars Is A Math Teacher

    Good idea. I should do this too.
  17. vypur85

    World Japanese man arrested after dating 35 women at the same time in bid to 'get birthday presents'

    He'll just need another 330 more to complete the set.
  18. vypur85

    Detect singleplayer

    I don't think this is doable.
  19. vypur85

    Values not being saved

    I see... I kinda forgot the word "Integer" is there by default. Anyways, > ISpellCounter[Counter] Did you define this value? If the value is zero for all the array, then this value will return zero for every Counter array. Meaning to say that your hashtable will always load ZERO + Key of...