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  1. CrazyWolf

    Making a unitdo the same animation as another one

    this solution is good but the problem is that if the unit starts walking this trigger will play the walk animation only once and not all the time till my unit stops walking or attacking etc
  2. CrazyWolf

    Making a unitdo the same animation as another one

    Hello everyone. Could anyone help me find a way to make a unit copy the animation of another unit? For example we have 2 footmen and we want both to do same animation at the same time.Meaning when one footman starts walking the other footman plays the walking animation when the footman is...
  3. CrazyWolf

    [Movie] Random Movie Thread

    I would rate this movie 5/10. It may be a little cruel but all the things you made dont have something special its just disappearing, reappearing and hitting. Also no terrain????? It would be a lot better if it had terrain in it. And the end sucked a lot.A panda killing the guy with only...
  4. CrazyWolf

    Item Restriction

    Just trigger it. Something like this: Event A unit Dies Conditions Dying Unit is equal to (Your Enemy unit) Actions Item - Create (your Item) Give Last Created Item to Killing unit Next time use the search button as elmstfreddie says cuz its truly annoying to see many same threads. Wish i helped.
  5. CrazyWolf

    4 or more heroes

    Blanka you seriously need to learn to speak english a little better. Anywayz you could use the trigger function that sets the limit of purchasable heroes to 4.
  6. CrazyWolf

    Help with stuck hero

    I am not sure about that but maybe its a channeling spell(the second spell, the one you add afterwards) that cannot be canceled and because both spells have the same order string the second spell activates at once.
  7. CrazyWolf

    Item Compination Causes Lag

    Hi everyone I found somewhere this system for combining items.It works fine but whenever i pick up an item or create one for the first time i lag.Is there a problem with the trigger or i just have to make a unit pick up all the items on the beggining of the game? Note that there are 45...
  8. CrazyWolf

    Help with server split caused by custom script.

    Thats what i am saying: i have never worked before with advanced fade filter and dont know how to do this exactly.
  9. CrazyWolf

    Help with server split caused by custom script.

    Hi everyone. I made a spell using help from Aceheart and Doom-angel. Although the spell works, after testing the map i realized that the custom scripts i have been given caused server splits on multiplayer. After searching i found this. That explained a lot but the problem is that i have...
  10. CrazyWolf

    take more DMG ability

    Guys i think the pulverize ability of the earth bear(the one of the three bears when the panda splits...) with 10 area of effect will do.He simply has to chance the field so that there is a 100% chance to do so. JJooKKoo hear my advice.You wont lose. :P
  11. CrazyWolf

    I think I need a Custom Script

    This is help to me by Aceheart and doom-angel. Take it too. Player Group - Pick every player in (your group) and do (Actions) Loop Custom script: if (GetLocalPlayer == GetEnumPlayer()) then Cinematic - Fade out over 0.50 seconds using texture...
  12. CrazyWolf

    Stacking Damage Loss (Dilema)

    Find an ability which reduces by percent damage received.I think hardened skin is what you need but i am not sure.Give to this ability 50 lvls. Event a unit is attacked Condition attacked unit has buff (your buff) Actions Set level of hardened skinn for attacked unit to ((level of...
  13. CrazyWolf

    I'll make a promotional wallpaper for anyone who wants one

    Request Ok i have a really complicated request. Here it is. There is a gate(i would prefer this gate to be like the one of blizzard you know the one with the 2 monks on the left and right).I will post a screeny in a while.This gate is in the space between left and middle of the screen but...
  14. CrazyWolf

    Mana Regeneration Question

    Your first part of the sentence is true but i didnt quite catch the meaning of the second part... Anyway,if you use my way,items like sobi mask won't increase mana regen.You have to make all item mana regen bonuses triggered.
  15. CrazyWolf

    Mana Regeneration Question

    I would suggest this: Event Every 1 second of game-time Conditions Actions Pick every unit matching(matching unit has 101 point value) Actions Set picked unit's mana to [mana of unit + (intelligence of picked unit x 0.3) This trigger will work if you go to the object editor and...
  16. CrazyWolf

    [SYSTEM] Pet System

    I haven't seen the map yet but from the look of it i think you are a former Lineageholic player.(For those who dont know Lineage is an rpg.) Also after looking at the triggers this system looks awesome well done to you for such a good idea. +rep :D
  17. CrazyWolf

    The Spell Request Thread 2

    Zhygot it shouldnt be difficult.Just search this: Unit - Set level of X ability(your ability) for Y unit(casting unit) to level of X ability(your ability) for Z unit(the targeted unit). The targeted unit can be stored through variables. Its that simple. Tinki3 check your messages. :P
  18. CrazyWolf

    I need a website that has models

    What?I see 4 links saying justfuckinggoogleit...
  19. CrazyWolf

    I need a website that has models

    Lol tonks nice reply!:P Here you go pal.