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  1. dudeim

    desync check

    Another thing is you don't need the if: local string s = SubString("|cffff0000" + SubString("''''''''''''''''''''", 0, a - 1) + "|r|cffffc1c1" + SubString("''''''''''''''''''''", a, 19) + "|r", 0, 19) call SetTextTagVisibility(this.text, GetLocalPlayer() == GetOwningPlayer(u)) call...
  2. dudeim

    linked lists, +rep for help

    Make the allocate method static that should solve it.
  3. dudeim

    Syntax error?

    I know it shouldn't be counted but who knows maybe some bug in JH or an outdated version bugs with it you never know;)
  4. dudeim

    Syntax error?

    It probably somehow reads it as a comment block /* this is also a comment I think somehow jasshelper misses that the "*" is commented and tries to find a comment block end but as there is none it gives an error just put this: "*./" at the end try if it works (remove the dot). */
  5. dudeim

    Alternatives to Hashtables

    You can use structs though they get converted to global variables, or use functions with parameters to pass the data. Structs are only in vJass so you need to have newgen to use it.
  6. dudeim

    System Status

    As far as I've seen triggering it up from 0-0 won't work as somehow the unit still deals 0 damage if I remember correctly, but well you can start at 1-1 and index the value that stores current damage as 1 so it's not that big of a deal I guess.
  7. dudeim

    Textmacro issues

    Some people just like programming more then doing everything in a data editor, like myself I find it way more fun to code skills and whatever (in sc2) then making them in the data editor.
  8. dudeim

    Textmacro issues

    I said I didn't know the correct names of it so I typed something that looked like it (as far as my memory at that moment served), but as far as I know it doesn't exists and isn't supported:P What I was meaning to type in that thread was this: //! externalblock extension=lua ObjectMerger...
  9. dudeim

    methods/struct extending array allocation, +rep for help

    It would be something like this: function somerandomfunctiontouseyourstruct takes nothing returns nothing local Example e = Example.create() //create automaticaly calls .allocate (i thought this was no different if you created allocate yourself but not 100% sure) //now you can do stuff with...
  10. dudeim

    Another simple math question.

    Thanks it's working now:)
  11. dudeim

    Another simple math question.

    Oooh I just C&Ped that part from some script that basicly did what I wanted, but gonna remove it and see how it works:) Edit: changed the calc in the top post to new one (so just removing the bj_RADTODEG) but now it's firing towards the otherside of the unit so it's like angle+180 degrees somehow
  12. dudeim

    Another simple math question.

    Hey guys, I again am having some problems with math. Currently I'm calculating 3 points at a x radius around a spell casting unit, 3 projectiles should fly to those points, somehow though my calculations are wrong (as I'm no math genius I have no idea why it's not working or even if I'm...
  13. dudeim

    Custom Script Random Number

    There is a pretty big difference, galaxy, as the language is called, is more c-style and that's pretty different from jass.
  14. dudeim

    Timer Query

    I think he was talking to Nestharus.
  15. dudeim

    Help with some Math (Probably easy)

    Well as I'm not calculating the distance itself every interval (using a system for it) I think it's easier to go with luorax's way.
  16. dudeim

    Help with some Math (Probably easy)

    That is pretty smart gonna try it! thanks
  17. dudeim

    Help with some Math (Probably easy)

    Hey, as I'm not that much of a math genius, well not much of a math anything I need some help with a calculation. What I want to do is I'm gonna fire an arrow towards an angle that the player can just click. So the player clicks to his precise left (for example) the arrow flies that way...
  18. dudeim

    armor help, +rep for answers

    Wrong forum and not possible only possible to change it in gameplay constants, and that's just a factor or whatever.
  19. dudeim

    System Damage Struct

    So how is it bad it´s in there? It's not like it takes up alot of space or anything...
  20. dudeim

    System Damage Struct

    @Nestharus Why is it bad that J4L's Damage has additional features in it. As you don't have to use them they are optional you can just as easily use it only for damage detection, you'd never even have to touch blocking damage and whatever if you don't want to. So I'm not getting why there should...