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  1. 1JadedJen

    The Official "Members Awards" of 2009

    I see a few SD_Ryoko...I don't think he even posted in 2009 :)
  2. 1JadedJen

    Happy New Years!

    Happy New Year!!! Ya know I had to show off my hat hee hee
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    The official 'Santa hat in your avatar for Christmas' thread!

    true, it doesn't really have much room......ohhh welll
  4. 1JadedJen

    The official 'Santa hat in your avatar for Christmas' thread!

    aw man I want a pimp santa hat!!! pretty please????
  5. 1JadedJen


    If you like mindless zombie B movies then it was friggin awesome. I love every zombie movie I have seen, hence, this movie was friggin awesome Plus, it was the first movie I have been to in like 18 months, so maybe I am biased hahahahahaha
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    Civillian's are rude

    SWEET! I am old, hence I am off the hook! :)
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    I've Quit Smoking

    Good luck!! I quit cold turkey about 8 years ago and haven't had one since! I had a few 'trial runs' at it...ya know, the whole I quit, then the next day cheat with one or two. But finally I picked a day, May 9 and said from here on out no more and stuck with it. Hang in there, it does get...
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    US News Boy decapitated by roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia

    I saw a news show talking about the parents are thinking of suing six flags because they claim there weren't ENOUGH SIGNS warning the kids that they shouldn't be back there....HELLLLOOO??? The fact that they had to jump TWO fences should have told them enough right there. What did they...
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    List the Movies that make you cry.

    Recently The Notebook got me a bit teary....damn old people, and when I was younger and Lion King first came out I cried when Mufasa died....yeah I'm woman enough to admit it lololol!
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    Crime Officer kills man who beat child to death

    I don't think the cop was thinking 'this man deserves death rather than prison...I will shoot him!' More like he was watching a man beat a baby so badly that the baby has to be identified by freakin DNA! Watching a man other people were trying to pull off the child with no success and his only...
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    The Happening Review

    Thanks for the warning!!
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    The Strangers Review

    i haven't seen it yet but the commercials remind me of vacancy...just in a cabin instead of a motel, plus no william h macy...that's no good
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    Your favourite horror movie?

    gotta go with the classic of night of the living dead. i even enjoy the cheesy sequels...all 88 of em! ha ha there is a horror movie with cats -i forget the title, but it was about a 'mom' and 'son' living together...but they were from another planet or something....anyway, their kind were...
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    Best Actor/Actress

    OOOh yeah, Kevin Spacey. He is good in everything he does
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    Best Actor/Actress

    I am finding myself watching all of Jason Statham movies. Very action packed. I like the good ones like Snatch, and even the ones that are just action for the sake of action like Crank. I don't think he's a deep actor like Depp or Pacino, but his movies are always entertaining.
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    [Trailer] Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    I saw this yesterday If you don't hold it up to the other Indiana movies, it's an action packed flick, if you do hold it up to them, you might be disappointed. It was a bit cheesy too, I understand the cheesy tough guy one liners, but there were elements that were just...come on now...
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    Iron Man

    'That's what she said' -nice! I am glad to hear people liked this movie, we are going to see it next weekend with friends but I had a hard time imagining Robert Downy as a bad-ass LOLOL
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    How do you tell if a forum user is a female or a male?

    Do I get plus rep for pointing out that post #19 was made by a girl? Long before the 'no girls have replied' stuff started going around. :D
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    How do you tell if a forum user is a female or a male?

    If they post "how can I tell who is a girl?/How many of you are girls?" It's a guy :D