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  1. Axe.killer

    Altering in-game fonts

    reinstall and let us know.
  2. Axe.killer

    Altering in-game fonts

    Its font , not chat. And your in text.
  3. Axe.killer

    Help with quests...

    Dont have my wc3 editor on hand. in class atm. here is what you gotta do Ev A unit dies Cond The type of unit that you want Act Set Boolean myUnitDead = true; Ev A unit is within x yards of Quest Giver Cond Unit == Hero myUnitDead == true Act Hero give Xp to entering unit /...
  4. Axe.killer

    garrette? add me on steam - soakingnoobs

    garrette? add me on steam - soakingnoobs
  5. Axe.killer

    yo playa

    yo playa
  6. Axe.killer

    [Spell Request] Air Raid

    Haven't helped anyone in 3 - 4.5 years good man!
  7. Axe.killer

    Burning skill

    Create special effect - burn on attacking unit. [ has die animation or itll last forever] Unit change health. End. Let me know if that works.
  8. Axe.killer

    [Spell Request] Air Raid

    Create a bunch of units when he uses spell with wander ability and region created with 500 area (trigger the bounds). Then "dummy" units with a special effect climbing down the Y axis (do this by changing unit property - fly height) in a for loop changing the position every .2 seconds...
  9. Axe.killer

    A unit with vision of abilities

    I believe there is a trigger to remove items from being sold from shop. it may be under abilities (units)
  10. Axe.killer

    Help with Editor

    Why don't you use doodad blockers [invisible of course] so that the undead units have no other place to run but try to get in.
  11. Axe.killer

    Unit group

    tried it, didnt work. mind if u modify my trigger to do it?
  12. Axe.killer

    Unit group

    Set LazerGrp = (Units within 100.00 of ((Position of (Casting unit)) offset by 100.00 towards (Facing of (Casting unit)) degrees)) I want to specify what types of units to grp within that radius
  13. Axe.killer

    + Maximum HP Aura Ability

    You would use integer strings. For example. int count = 1 if(Unit enters, HP is <= 100,) { Research HP(count); Leaves, Research HPreduction(count); } Most effective method is my method. No excess in data flow. The unit enters aura (which is not nearly as buggy as unit within range) Do...
  14. Axe.killer

    + Maximum HP Aura Ability

    Then have another upgrade that minuses hp.
  15. Axe.killer

    + Maximum HP Aura Ability

    Ok listen good to this approach... U know that upgrade that increases HP, make it researchable for all units. When a unit enters your aura, store it in an integer variable integer lol = Max HP of unit getting buff * .1 (for 10 %) Then you do this For int A 1 to 10 If(integer lol <...
  16. Axe.killer

    Chain lightning... need something special

    exactly what i tried... and failed. Its not picking up the facing angle. This is what i had.... Create unit at target ability being cast facing facing angle of target (unit never moves in angel mind you) Unit group.... pick every unit in front of it, order last created unit to cast another...
  17. Axe.killer

    Chain lightning... need something special

    Ive tried some things but I cant get this to work. How am I supposed to make chain lightning only zap in a straightish line... Like hits a unit... then zaps the guy behind him..
  18. Axe.killer

    Can anyone help me!

    HeartStop Events Time - Every 5.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set ALLUNITS = (Units in (Playable map area)) Unit Group - Pick every unit in ALLUNITS and do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do...
  19. Axe.killer

    dude im good man u? i havent seen u in forever.

    dude im good man u? i havent seen u in forever.
  20. Axe.killer

    + Maximum HP Aura Ability

    You should just make a dummy unit cast a shield equivilant to the %HP you want... when it gets aura. That would be more viable.