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    I'm here for the entertaining news. Eternally.

    I'm here for the entertaining news. Eternally.
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    DotA 2 Coaching!

    Nah, feel free to add chainer
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    Magic the Gathering hybrid format (by me!)

    Sir, I must disagree. Just because a deck becomes more refined, more powerful, that does not make it boring. Powerful decks only get boring when you play against underpowered decks. If you want to play efficient decks and enjoy yourself, then you need to insure that as your deck becomes more...
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    Funny Picture Thread Archive - The OG!

    Nah bro, I can completely relate to that last picture. And shoes are for chumps.
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    TES V: Skyrim

    I've been waiting for this game for almost 10 years...and now I know...Dragons!
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    The Walking Dead

    Just watched all 6 episodes yesterday. The show is awesome and I want more episodes...
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    Math Question

    Well...I'm glad I was here to help.
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    (Film Cow) Bino the Elephant

    that laugh drives me insane...
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    Funny Picture Thread Archive - The OG!

    Hmm....sour patch watermelons....yea...I got this covered
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Suggestions & Ideas

    I wouldn't mind vehicles as much if they were easier to kill. Tanks in CoD5 were impossible to kill without an RPG or a lot of satchel charges. If we could shoot out the driver or gunner, I wouldn't mind too much.
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    Funny Picture Thread Archive - The OG!

    That is the coolest dog I have ever seen....
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    League of Legends

    Urf the manatee....obviously the most epic character ever made...If I ever get this game( and the only thing stopping me is the fact that my computer is a piece of garbage), I think Urf would be my most played and favorite character. Game looks awesome though, I wish my comp didn't suck so...
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    The most annoying debates

    Hmm, I personally hate when people try and argue about dogs being better than cats or vice versa. Has anyone ever had such a debate?
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Suggestions & Ideas

    Anyone have an idea what guns they're going to add? get rid of? I'm hoping they get rid of the P90, the r700, the scorpian, etc. I cant stand the mini uzi or the G3( i like the G3, but im tired of everyone with modded controllers). Anyone else ahve guns they want removed? Added? I'd like to...
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    General A Passing Of Legends

    But...why did they leave?
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    Sexy Whimin [Picture Heavy]

    Pirate wrench? Do you mean wench? I'm just curious because I don't know where wrenches came in the discussion here....And I don't find them very Hot...
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    My best friend died.

    I'm sorry to hear this. I am no stranger to death, but it pains me hearing about the losses of others. May your friend rest in peace, and may you always remember him in a good light.
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    Dragonball Evolution - The Movie

    Ok I haven't seen the movie yet...but my friend( who is a big DBZ fan) couldn't even watch the entire movie. He just left the theatre like halfway through. I'm told it was just awful, and from the parts I have seen...I can't much disagree...