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    Coming back to Map-making

    if your aim is around making dotaesque maps with like heros then check out onetwosc on youtube. and their is around 5 sc2 editing communitys about that might have resources or tips or tutes that can help, otherwise trial and error is good way to learn
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    Wrong Morph Cost displayed

    lets see hahaha onetwosc( has a lot of helpful tutorials or have fun its not that hard once you get the basic ability creation down :)
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    Need some SC2 Editor Help

    s3rius is everywhere >.<
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    Monster Master fusions?

    you made me think about this again then i went to look to see if i had my t4/t5 list and BAM, lame i lost my tier4 and tier5 monster list, and went to check dead link removed and bam its not up anymore :( wonder where robbepop went
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    RPG Final Fantasy Open RPG II

    dont think so. i would enjoy it if trigger or epic continued such a map. maybe in next installment of warcraft series :) can only hope :P or take it up ourselves :S
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    Help with trigger

    ye ye +1 to daves response. search ability kinda thingy that does damage of "KILL" its an option in their think its with the spell/splash/ options. beside all that what was wrong with enters a distance from "blah zergling" or whatever? hwat problems were you running into too
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    Creating Special Effects

    maybe you can learn something from this ( but i its data editor
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    Morph cost has an incorrect display.

    trial and error. if i remember correctly you might have to minus in for the actual field anyway as its cost
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    How do I add an upgrade to building?

    you make the upgrade. then you make a ability of type - research and inside that ability you give it the buttons and upgrades that are linked together in the abilities-info+ option, then you give that ability to your building(unit) in the abilities - abilities+ option and in the abilities -...
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    set attack direction?

    dont delete it. if you got the solution just give it and leave it :) will help others
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    Impact Explosion happens at spot you click to attack instead of at projectile.

    since no body answer, ill give it a shot.. but you probs fixed it by now. 2nd problem - maybe make it a area effect and make its radius large so on impact it has a area effect. 1st problem - impact explosion your referring to is the animation ? im guessing you need to set it to where the...
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    Hero Unlocking new Spell every Level Up

    i thought they needed upgrades but thats going the wrong way. onetwosc is good source of tutorials this guy has another tutorial also note: for...
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    How do you gain access to one image in a .dds file with multiple images?

    hmmm not sure what your aiming to do. if its just changing color of parts of a dds i think you dl a plugin to allow it to be opened in adobe photoshop i think. dont think you need to resize it for any matter. im not sure if resizing will have an effect on the dds that is placed onto units but it...
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    Timer at MapInit Not Counting Appropriately

    was looking at a site and seems like you need an event every (number) of seconds of game time then action set the timer window for timer but i didn't really look deep into it. plus i think i also heard that map init starts during the maps load screen(not sure how reliable this is) haha maybe...
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    Cat and mouse map help.

    for 1 just remove requirements for 2 its probs under units- stats- repair time for 3 just work your way off of the already in place upgrades(this is simple once you understand how it works) just need the affected unit by upgrade how much upgrade costs and the add or set type of the upgrade and...
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    Terrain Height Levels and pathing

    i think you might need to play with heights , i haven't really seen alot on this but thats what im assuming or maybe collision set to ground???
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    help finding units!

    ye. file - dependencies and add campaign
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    How can i kill units that get close to unit type... like immolation skill in warcraft

    well aslong as it works for what you need atm its fine. but later try refine it or review it again if you run into laggy gameplay
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    How can i kill units that get close to unit type... like immolation skill in warcraft

    if it was to be trigger it would be something like event: every 1 sec of game time but this is bad practice making a trigger that fires every 1 second via triggers