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  1. Rheias

    Best Actor/Actress

    Come on, no one mention John Travolta, Kevin Spacey nor Robert De Niro yet? I like Bruce Willis as well. Samuel L Jackson is great indeed. Jack Nicholson is also a good actor, very amusing at times. :D
  2. Rheias

    I had Hell of a Time

    Well, this my good-bye message. Due to personal issues I'm forced to leave this great forum, most likely for good. During my stay I had a hell of a time. I helped, I posted and I met dear friends. I don't leave this forum with any kind of anger nor negative feeling, I'm leaving because it is my...
  3. Rheias

    Funny Picture Thread Archive - The OG!

    That actually sounds like a very good idea. It would make it much easier browsing pictures that away. I thought about doing something similiar in TheArea, however our server isn't as big as yours (obviously) so I didn't do anything about it, I went with the ol' attaching system. :D
  4. Rheias

    AddUnitToStock - friendly?

    > Perhaps if you could use gamecache and some sort of 'sync' method ... I don't think it would work. I would have tested it myself, the problem is I can't host games. Logicly it shouldn't desync, how can it possibly affect the others players what YOU can buy from a store? I want...
  5. Rheias

    AddUnitToStock - friendly?

    The planning is to use the above function to allow stores with more than 12 items / heroes to be multi-player useable. I don't think if the store would sell the units or not would make any difference.
  6. Rheias

    AddUnitToStock - friendly?

    function Trig_Untitled_Trigger_001_Actions takes nothing returns nothing if GetLocalPlayer() == GetTriggerPlayer() then call AddUnitToStock(GetTriggerUnit(),'hfoo', 0, 1 ) endif endfunction Would this function cause problems in a game? It doesn't create a...
  7. Rheias

    Anman's Signatures

    > Feel free to request. Notice the Requests thread? Please requests signatures and similiar there only. Thanks. :)
  8. Rheias

    Annoying bug

    Just report it. :)
  9. Rheias

    Cinematic Contest

    There is a reason why the are no imports. Imports can make the map size huge. In addition if custom models were allowed it was simply a matter of who can find the best looking model. It is really not that hard to do without imports. > Please sign me up Rheias. Contestants list was...
  10. Rheias

    [World] Israeli MP blames quakes on gays

    > Sometimes I find it hard to believe we're in the 21st century. I must agree with that. The sad thing that Shas isn't so small anymore, and it grows very quickly.
  11. Rheias

    Snippet Display Mana/HP Regen

    It's nice, though there are a few problems. Firstly if the unit drinks a potion or casts a spell during this time the value displayed wouldn't be accurate. Also, the texttag doesn't follow the unit which may cause confusing. Note that the limit is 100 units (texttag limits).
  12. Rheias

    Could We Have Something Like In The Hive Associated With GG Client?

    Do you mean give a special forum dedicated to specifc member made map? If so, we do have them, actually we have three. Check the Members' Project forum (subforum of the World Editor forum).
  13. Rheias

    9/11 - Al Qaeda or the U.S.?

    I merged the two threads, this is still under the debating category.
  14. Rheias

    Who is your favorite hero?

    Paladin. :)
  15. Rheias

    "ALL" Contests are closed?

    There are changes in the whole contests rules which will soon be posted. Please avoid starting contests until then.
  16. Rheias

    [Contest] Cinematic "Music Video Theme"

    The contest is closed. New contests' rules are to be made, leaving aside the fact that this contest isn't well originized. Thanks for contributing though! :)
  17. Rheias

    w3x.? more like wtf?

    Seems like you have used a TFT functions only. You have to purchase TFT to be able to open your map.
  18. Rheias


    I don't like coffe and I like it's smell even less. I can't be in a small room with someone that drinks coffee.
  19. Rheias

    [Contest] Hero Contest 1#

    The posts regarding whether this thread is full of spam or not have been deleted. Let's stop posting them, this thread is way too active as it is. Pyrogasm, I have no idea from where you get all those nerves to tell us how to moderate, especially is such disrespectful manner. The thread is 18...
  20. Rheias

    Revival Trigger?

    call TimerStart(t,WaitForRevive,false,function Revive) :D