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    Lock body part facing

    Hello! I am looking for some kind of model or texture which is invisible but has the head attachment. What do I need this for??? Let me explain. I want the head to be locked to another unit using the lock body part facing. Then I create a special effect on the head so it always faces my target...
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    Increase map size

    Tharius thanks!! Well the mountain landscape should be a little bit volcanic but the most should be rocky. Thanks again :)
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    Battle hunger spell - Help.

    the spell isn't based on shadowstrike it's based on acid bomb.
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    Increase map size

    Hi guys :). I am developing a system. During the progress I realised my map is to small. Is there any way for increase the map size and keep all the triggers you've done all the objects and so on? btw which tileset is the best for creating a landscape in the mountains?
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    Constant flying height help

    Well thanks for the replies though i solved my problem by myself and som googling heres my solution if you're wondering. This works for both cliffs and raise terrain. Every 0.03 seconds Custom script: set udg_Tempreal[4] = GetLocationZ(udg_Temppoint[1]) If (All Conditions are...
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    +Healing+ buff aura

    well do something like this A unit takes damage Damage taken is less than or equal to 0 (healing = negative damage i think) Unit has buff = healing aura equal to true. actions heal bla bla bla :P
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    Change Shockwave damage with trigger

    The event isn't invalid. It can be solved easily by creating these two triggers Time - Elapsed game time is 0.00 seconds Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units in (Playable map area)) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Trigger - Add to takesdamage <gen> the event (Unit - (Picked unit) Takes...
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    Change Shockwave damage with trigger

    well something like this maybe? first trigger A unit casts shockwave create dummy unit at position of triggering unit add shockwave to lastcreated unit order to cast at target point of abiliy being cast set integer = Intelligence of triggering unit set castingunit = triggering unit...
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    Constant flying height help

    I am currently working on a flightsystem but got a problem when the plane flies gets to a cliff. As you may have noticed when a flying unit gets close to a cliff it flies higher up in the air which makes my flightsystem look unsmooth. When I search here on thw for a solution I only found...
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    Need help with name on my map :D

    I need a name of my map, it's not very long until i release the first beta version. Then i'll give you pictures or even a video of the gameplay. Let me explain what you do on the map. Its a 2d platforming game. The camera is from above and cliffs is platforms you can walk on. You move your...
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    Detect closest target on the map.

    How do I make something like this? I've searched for this in the forums but it only seem to detect the closest unit within a range of 600. I tried to increase the radius but it still dont work. If your'e wondering what i am doing im making a map something like super smash bros. You are on...
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    Bouncing, vertical/horizontal detection help!

    Hello! Im working on a wc3 map but i got some problem. I want to make so when you take damage, you gets knockbacked and if you hit a wall you will bounce. I've googled it and search here to try find a easy way to detect if the wall is vertical or horizontal. Here on thehelper i found one but...
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    HOW to make an attack that can't miss

    Use critical strike and make it crit 0x then it wont be any text!:thup:
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    WASD keys movement (requires .exe file)

    I'm going to make so you can move around the camera with mouse like in fps games. In the next version i'll be possible to use the program when you play sharpshooter online so you move your camera with mouse, wasd movement and shoot with mouse.
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    The Terrain Thread

    1337 replies :D :D :D The pictures looks good.
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    WASD keys movement (requires .exe file)

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now it's here the Warcraft 3 Wasd movement. 1. Download the program. 2. Run the program. 3. Start warcraft3 4. Start a map using arrowkeys. Hint: You can start the program after that you started warcraft3...
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    Create pathing blockers.

    Yes i know it is not virus it worked perfect on my old computer. I come from sweden too. Uppsala.
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    Create pathing blockers.

    Im sorry My virus protection program Thinks newgen is a virus. WEU works perfect but when i press at test map It comes errors.
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    Create pathing blockers.

    Because i dont want to create to much deststructible. My we unlimited fucks up so i can't use it.