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  1. LurkerAspect

    Officially a Super Lurker now (hide yo kids, hide yo Marines)

    Officially a Super Lurker now (hide yo kids, hide yo Marines)
  2. LurkerAspect

    Return to Form?

    Woah uhh thanks for the Super Lurker trophy, now I can really live up to my name! Man I forgot this forum even existed... I've been signed up for almost 10 years. I was 15 when I joined :eek: am now 24. This place was amazing back when I was making WC3 maps, always great advice given within a...
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    You won't find this Lurker even with Detection. I'll pop up, fire off a post, then disappear as...

    You won't find this Lurker even with Detection. I'll pop up, fire off a post, then disappear as quickly as I appeared.
  4. LurkerAspect

    Discussion Warcraft 3: Resources other than Mana?

    You won't be able to change the attribute tooltip, but you can still give your character Rage or Skill or w/e (I'm guessing you're a LoL player, right?) by just changing the hero's mana values. For example, keeping maximum mana at 100 and giving the character a high mana regeneration can act as...
  5. LurkerAspect

    A Question about Speed (JASS)

    PREVIEW SUMMARY: Curious about fixing lengthy loops containing many if statements so that they don't run over each other and produce weird things Hi there :D The below callback runs through a set of 10 units and compares and tests a lot of things and has multiple outcomes. However, when run, I...
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    Health ADHD doesn't exist and drugs do more harm than good

    I agree as well. In my experience, ADHD is a convenient excuse to explain away laziness and a lack of initiative in late teens, and a quick-fix for parents who don't have the patience/don't want to deal with their slightly-more-energetic-than-usual kids.
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    Name change?

    Thanks so much, The Helper! vypur85, my name used to be da1nOnlyEd. This is a lot classier and less juvenile (although Accname is right, my reasoning is kinda childish but w/e :P)
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    Name change?

    Hello :) So yeah. Just look at it. I made it when I was 15. It's hideous. PLEASE can I change it? xD I'd like to be known as LurkerAspect (alternative if that's already taken: lurkerAspect, lurker_aspect, lurker_Aspect, Lurker_Aspect, you get the picture) Yeah, I love lurkers, and I...
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    US News McDonalds sued by man for $1.5 Million. Only got 1 napkin

    Man, Americans are so flippin weird. It's almost like they're all hell-bent on becoming filthy rich, regardless of how stoopid it makes them look. If this had happened anywhere else in the world, the company would've just laughed at him and maybe sent him a box of tissues for his "emotional...
  10. LurkerAspect

    Starcraft:BW Start location help

    Hi there! So my googling skills are letting me down this time; I thought I'd pick your brains to see if anyone knows a solution to this problem. My mates and I love playing a good game of Starcraft: Brood War every so often, but the biggest issue we face is that whenever we try to play a...
  11. LurkerAspect

    HP Laptop black screen crash

    Ah well. Thanks for all the help, at this point I'll try to squeeze as much life from this laptop as I can before it finally kicks the bucket. I just need a liddle more money and I'll be able to replace it :) (this one's getting old anyways)
  12. LurkerAspect

    HP Laptop black screen crash

    Thanks for all the replies! A friend suggested that I might have put too much thermal paste on the connections; could that cause some of the problems I'm experiencing? I'm pretty sure the warranty is WELL gone by now :P
  13. LurkerAspect

    HP Laptop black screen crash

    Thanks for the quick response! I phrased that badly; I bought the laptop (new) mid-2010; from what I can tell, most if not all HP's run hotter than other brands of laptop; I ran a full 8 passes on memtest. I'lltry an older graphics card driver, thanks for the suggestion! I'm hesitant to...
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    HP Laptop black screen crash

    Hi there! :D I have an HP Pavilion dv7 17-inch that's been in service since mid 2010. Late last year I opened the laptop twice to deal with overheating issues, the first time to clean the fan, and the second time to replace thermal paste on the CPU and graphics cards. I may have damaged...
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    Viable single-timer spell functions?

    Hi there! I'm back! (briefly) This time I'm concerned about my new coding method I started using since I saw it in an older spell. I can create callback struct spells and functions without the need for struct attachment systems like TimerUtils or ABC. However, since I've started using this...
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    World Kenyan lawyer looks to sue Israel over Jesus' death

    The weed is strong with this one.
  17. LurkerAspect

    Are you getting tired of gaming?

    A very valid point, Varine. I guess what I meant to say was that I used to play games as a way to pass the time, instead of getting anything out of it! These days I mostly only play games to chill out, so to that end, I avoid online gaming, and when I do play online, I tend to stuff around as...
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    Are you getting tired of gaming?

    I agree with you FireCat; I've recently figured out that gaming is a waste of time that could be spent doing much more productive things. However, when I do game, I rely on old classics that I've always loved like Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Startopia (look it up, epic game), Age of Empire, Star Wars...
  19. LurkerAspect

    Unit won't use custom ability

    Leaving the ability as it is in the opening post, try copy-pasting this into a custom script action: call IssuePointOrder(GetTriggerUnit(),"blink",GetRectCenterX(gg_rct_Jump_End),GetRectCenterY(gg_rct_Jump_End))
  20. LurkerAspect

    Models Suddenly turns into a black cube?

    Are you using a custom model, perhaps made by someone else? I can't imagine any of the base models giving this problem. If it is a custom model, contact the model maker.