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  1. The Helper

    looking for nuon games+demo disc

    Dragonshadow might have that iso. I don't know if he would release it though. It does have Decaying Orbit on it though awesome game.
  2. The Helper

    Anybody order the new Atari VCS?

    I will let you guys go first :)
  3. The Helper

    Health Covid-19: World's top latex glove maker shuts factories

    They started making a bunch of money and just went full on without any care for safety. Hopefully the bright side of this is that is exposes what is really going on in the world with these exploited employees. If they start having to have some kind of regulation or oversight they usually just...
  4. The Helper

    Samsung DVD-N501 Units on Amazon for around 150 US dollars.

    Today a search on Google for Samsung N501 units brings up these 3 available now for less than 150 shipped These listings do not come up if you search Samsung N501 on Amazon you have to search on Google to get the link. The...
  5. The Helper

    NUON-Dome the most comprehensive NUON resource out there

    For anyone looking for information on the NUON besides this forum you have to check out if you have not already. If you search Google for NUON you have probably seen a NUON-Dome link in those results and this is the official forum for that site. If you are looking for...
  6. The Helper

    Atari Age NUON thread

    This is the NUON thread on the most popular Atari forum which anyone knows the NUON is the Jaguar 2 - anyway lots of good information in this Atari Age NUON thread
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    Crime Thailand’s record $1bn ketamine bust turns out to be a food additive

    The drug testing kits that they use to test stuff in the field before it goes to the lab are terrible. Of course, that won't be said here.
  8. The Helper

    Got my reproduction games bundle

    How much was the set?
  9. The Helper

    NUON Game Reviews in gaming magazines?

    I bet K3V still has that magazine issue stuffed away on his shelf. Hopefully he will check back here soon and let us know.
  10. The Helper

    NUON Game Reviews in gaming magazines?

    I got the image from Google images here is the url
  11. The Helper

    World North Korean gymnast defects by vaulting fences

    Freaking Awesome!
  12. The Helper

    Empty controller box for $219, has the world gone insane?

    Remotes are specific to the DVD player models and there is no universal remote for the NUON functions that I know of.
  13. The Helper

    NUON Game Reviews in gaming magazines?

    Is this it?
  14. The Helper

    Empty controller box for $219, has the world gone insane?

    I have a controller. If you are really thinking about doing something homebrew, in the memory of the creator of the NUON emulator and the source of this controller I can give it to you. PM me if you are serious.
  15. The Helper

    Top Hat Gaming Man talks about NUON

    Nice little piece on the NUON from 2019
  16. The Helper

    US News Guitar Center files for bankruptcy

    That sucks but they have been having trouble for many years now.