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  1. MissKerrigan

    Prevent Selecting Groups

    When I drag my mouse over a group of missile turrets, only ONE may selected, not all Does anyone knows how to modify this?
  2. MissKerrigan

    How To Remove Placement Model?

    Hi there, Probably some things have changes into the editor and in the game For every building/Tower you place, there are now some kind of placement squares on the terrain The squares are look like white colored '+' and are in every 1x1 field If you cannot build somewhere, they are surround 1x1...
  3. MissKerrigan

    Can't Login Editor

    Hi there, After two years I am using the editor again but I cannot login the editor All it says when I try to login is ' connection lost' Does anyone knows how to solve this issue? MissKerrigan
  4. MissKerrigan

    Shadow of Building

    Hello, I set the 'shadow radius' to '0' in the model data but I still see shadow arround the smaller scaled building Anyone know how to solve this?
  5. MissKerrigan

    Button Question

    Hello there, I created a few buttons with the icon 'question mark', this buttons are passives How do I create the 'borders' in the button just like the 'train marine' and 'build supply depot' having? Is there anyone left on this forum btw? MissKerrigan
  6. MissKerrigan

    Behavior 10% Shield

    Hello, I cannot find the modification in the behavior that reduces 10% damage All units which have a behavior 'shield' must reduce 10% damage I've almost tried all behavior modifications which are related to 'damage' Does anyone know where I can find this? MissKerrigan
  7. MissKerrigan

    Is there a minimum range for a search effect?

    For example, I want to give a search effect the next options: between radius 0 and 2: add effect 1 between radius 2 and 4: add effect 2 between radius 4 and 6: add effect 3 Is this possible? MissKerrigan
  8. MissKerrigan

    Roach not making attack animation

    Hello, I duplicated the roach and his weapon and effects But my new roach is not making any attack animations when it starts to attack I already searched in the actor-event data but cannot find it unfortunately Can anyone help me? MissKerrigan fixed: I saved the map as 'bit-component-map'...
  9. MissKerrigan

    error with weapon

    Hi there, I'm getting an error when my marine is trying to attack: 'can't attack while weapons are disabled' Does anyone knows what this means? MissKerrigan FIXED: FORGOT TO GIVE THE WEAPON TO THE UNIT (SILLY ME)
  10. MissKerrigan

    unit in unit group dies

    Hello, Does the condition 'triggering unit is in unit group 'banshees' works if the unit just died? MissKerrigan
  11. MissKerrigan

    condition that checks 'integer'

    Hello, I just can't remember how this is done: Every next wave in my tower defense I set variable 'wave number' +1 Now I want to make a trigger that spawns a normal wave except if the integer is 10,20,30 etc... Because every 10 waves a boss must be spawned How do I check in a...
  12. MissKerrigan

    Duplicating a unit?

    Hello, I want to duplicate a banshee but when I right-click on the banshee, it only give options to duplicate 'TYPES' My purpose is to duplicate the banshee 5 times and give them diffecent names Is something changed in the editor? MissKerrigan
  13. MissKerrigan

    Open a published map?

    Hey ScII people, It's a time ago that I played ScII, about 5 years ago Now I just installed it again and have a question How do I open a map that I published 5 years ago? It's not on my computer anymore since I uninstalled the game in the past MissKerrigan
  14. MissKerrigan

    Creating a maximum attack

    Hello Guys Does anyone knows how I can create a maximum attack on certain structures? What I mean is that a structure can only be attacked by 2 units maximum MissKerrigan
  15. MissKerrigan

    Magic Bullet (random damage)

    Hello, This is a short question - I gave my ghost 10% chance to fire a magic bullet - The magic bullet deals between 250 and 500 damage How do I make a text tag appear once the magic bullet occurs? Marloes (the text tag must NOT appear on the targeted unit but above the ghost which...
  16. MissKerrigan

    how to create a model between 2 units

    Hi, - I gave the high templar the archon psionic shockwave weapon - This weapon has 10% chance to bounce to a next unit - When this effect happens, it has 75% chance to bounce again to another unit - This 75% chance is unlimited Can anyone help me with this effect? 1. how do I create the...
  17. MissKerrigan

    creating chain-stun effect, how?

    Good Evening Editors, Can anyone explain me how to create a chain-stun effect? Marloes
  18. MissKerrigan

    baneling tower (bash effect)

    Hello, By reading the name of the post, I guess you already know what I'm going to ask :) - I gave a baneling an aura behavior called baneling attack aura - The duration of the behavior is set to 0 and the period to 2 - In the periodic-effect of the behavior I created a search-effect which...
  19. MissKerrigan

    giving splash damage to immortal

    Hey, In my previous map I gave the immortal 24 damage with 25% splash (6 splash damage) But now I'm facing a new problem: I gave the immortal 16-48 damage (between 16 and 48) How can I give the splash damage the correct amount? Is this simply done by going to the search effect of the damage...
  20. MissKerrigan

    unit won't move

    Hey Guys, I'm sorry I must ask this little silly thing: I gave the shape-capsule an ability move and stop I'm sure it has the mover ground but it won't move I also created the command card buttons and assisgned the commands to them Does anyone knows why this is not working? Marloes