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    Single player RPG wc3 map demand?

    Is there any people out there in a single player RPG map with story and good skill system? Or have I wasted 200 hours and going to waste another 300 hundred? If there is a demand you can post ideas, maybe you want to voice act(yes there will bee voice acting), or maybe you have questions. All...
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    Player 8-12 passive, why?

    I have an RPG map, and no computer controlled player do anything. Not even for defense, if Neutral (hostile) is attack, the computer just stands there passively. Player 12 is working properly tho. But I doubt they would attack Neutral hostile. Confirmation would be needed. I have set Player...
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    Pause/Unpause like in Dragon Age, Baldurs Gate

    Hello guys, back from a long time of being away! So I want to be able to pause the game, similar to Dragon age. Now, the "game->pause/unpause" freeze the game completly, so does the "Unit->Pause/unpause all units". I would like to be able to plan future moves and press other characters and plan...
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    Why can't I give the units weapons?

    Hi I have run into a problem with a few units! I cannot give them weapon, as the title states... It is the Hercules and the Special ops dropship(From the campaign). I want these units too be able to fire upon enemies with weapons. I go to the data>unit>Hercules>Combat then I pick a weapon too...
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    How to implement personal upgrades?

    Hi I was wondering how I would be able to implement my own upgrades and how too smoothly go about this. I want to have maybe endless upgrades but I do not know how I do this. I want the damage for a weapon too increase each time you buy the upgrade but I want the price for the upgrade to...
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    Making a unit use multiple weapons at a time

    Hi I want my unit to be able too fire several weapons at the same time. If anyone knows how too accomplish this I would be very grateful^^
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    Modifying workers building availability

    I need too know how too remove what buildings a unit can build. I can however not find out how its done. I checked the scv's abilities and found the ability build. Tried removing the buildings from there, did not work though. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated^^
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    How to revive a unit?

    After making a map, hero and a bunch of items. I wanted to make a revive. Then I realised that Heroes no longer existed as standard. So there is no revive hero instantly(Frack!). So how to revive a unit without making a complicated trigger with variables for items, levels and abilities?! I'm...
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    I have been googling this inventory thing but I found nothing explaining how to make one. Is there no constant inventory does it have to be custom? Can someone tell me how to make an inventory? Thanks!
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    Unit editor

    Is there something similar or the same as the wc3 object editor in sc2?
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    Making WC3 elements in SC2

    Hello guys:) I have recently obtained the beta keys and is now thinking about remaking one of my old maps in SC2 but to do that I need to know if and how it is possible to make inventory, skills and hopefully object editor in the beta? Thanks to all those who reads and answers!
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    Excess the maximum number of trees

    I have a map that I have finished, but have had complains about it being to small. So now that I have enlarged it, I cannot fill it with the trees>.< It was okay as long as it was a tiny map. But now I need more space but the maximum number of trees are excessed. Is there someway to disable...
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    Making units continue after killing another unit (AI)

    After making the AI for my mobs to attack the castles, I noticed that when they encountered an enemy unit, the units did not attack each other, they just keep running by each other, colliding! I have a code for causing units that are attack to keep on running for the castle. But I want it to be...
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    How to check percentage of unit

    I have been making a bit of AI lately, but I have run into a problem. I want to check the percentage life of the AI hero. But I do not know how to or even if it is possble. So if it is, can someone please tell me how? Thanks for your time^^
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    Got a problem with .mdl and .mdx

    When I set a model to display a X.mdx file. It says as soon as I press okay that the file is named: X.mdl and since I do not have an X.mdl file it cannot be displayed in the game noir in the editor. So what has happened? Please help guys:/
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    I did send a map from my second HDD to my mail inbox so I could play on my new HDD. The slave master does not work atm. But I noticed later when I wanted to make a few changes to my map that it was optimized, so now I cannot open it:S was gonna make 2 more heroes and a hero tavern:S So how do I...
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    Where is the save game cache?

    Look at the picture, I can not save game cache... Why?!
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    Changing Arthas apperance

    Hi, I want to give the undead campaign's Arthas character a Lich King model file, but I am unsure in how to change it:S So if anyone knows if this is even possible, please inform me^^
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    How to make 2 items become one item

    I am doing an arena map and I tried to do some triggers to make 2 items go 1 item. Did not work, why I am typing here>.< So for you that does not know what I am talking about I will be more thurough. Imagine you are the hero that buys these 2 items: Sword, Shield. And then there is another item...
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    Variables containing variable Indexes

    Okay, I want to make so the Variable "P1" contains the variables "P1g[1]", "P1g[2]", "P1g[3]" and "P1g[4]" so I wont have to make an action for everyone of these. But I will simply have to put: Action Increase "P1" + 4. (if the P1 and P1g were integers) Then the result would be that if...