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  1. zaqer50

    Best AOE spell to use as a Dummy Spell

    Im looking for an aoe spell that is preferably: -Instant Cast(No missile) -Not channeling -Display the targeting circle (Instead of just the point) -Be able to be modded so there are no animations, buffs or other values The best spell I've found so far is flamestrike. I remember seeing...
  2. zaqer50

    Trigger Running Itself An Infinite Amount Of Times (For No Reason?)

    I have a trigger to create an invisible Dummy unit on the ground and then have another unit, created high in the air, to cast chainlightning on it, thus creating the effect of lightning striking from the sky. For some reason though, the trigger is running itself an infinite amount of times...
  3. zaqer50

    2 Questions: Damage Area + Disabling The Abilites to Build/Upgrade/Research

    Alright, first question, relatively simple: Is it possible to make the Unit - Damage Area command deal damage only to enemies of the unit? Or is there another way to do something similar do this that is possible? Secondly, I seem to remember there being an action that disables...
  4. zaqer50

    Storing more then one Special Effect in a variable

    Is it possible to store more then 1 Special effect in a special effect variable so you can delete them all later (To prevent leaks), or would I have to use a separate variable for each one?
  5. zaqer50

    Replaying an Animation Over and Over

    Is there anyway to make a unit play a specific animation, and then lock it so it will just play that animation over and over? For example, having a rifleman continuously play its attack animation even while it's walking/doing anything else?
  6. zaqer50

    Timer Arrays

    Here's my problem: I've got an integer (CopterNumber) that keeps track of how many times my spell has been cast so that it makes sure it's always giving the commands to the proper variables. All the variables are arrays that use CopterNumber as their Index(I think this is what I should be...
  7. zaqer50

    Checking if the Target on an Ability is in a region

    Basically, as the title states, I'm trying to find a way to check if the target if the target of a spell (In my case blink) is in a certain region. Thanks in advance
  8. zaqer50

    Revive Hero On Death

    I'm having problems with this simple trigger for some reason I can't understand. It's just a simple trigger to revive your hero when he dies, but for some reason the hero isnt reviving. Anyways, hopefully someone can point mem in the right direction. :confused: Team2Death Events...
  9. zaqer50

    Lightning effect backfiring

    I tried creating a lightning effect from a gound unit to a flying unit using triggers, but instead the lightning effect goes from the ground unit to the middle of the map, any way to fix this? thanks in advance
  10. zaqer50

    Trigger Not Working After a Certain Action

    Im creating a frost nova like ability. Frost Nova Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Frost Nova Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units within 500.00 of (Position of (Casting unit))) and do...
  11. zaqer50

    A spell with a casting time

    Im looking for a way to give a spell a "casting time" persay. For example, I want my mage to channel for 2 seconds and then cast slow. Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. zaqer50

    Sound Sets...

    Is it possible to make your own sound set? If it's not then I think I have a pretty good way to make one... might take a while though
  13. zaqer50

    Knowing what Unit...

    This is probably some stupidly easy question but... Talk Events Player - Player 1 (Red) skips a cinematic sequence Conditions (Is (Last created unit) near Villager (Male 2) 0001 <gen> and withing a range of 500.00) Equal to True Actions Unit - Pause...
  14. zaqer50

    Temp Rect

    Is a way to make say a temperary rect at a unit to see if your hero is in it when you select that unit? Sorry if this is a little unclear...
  15. zaqer50

    Ability freezing unit?

    I have a dummy ability, and when you cast it on a unit, it "tames" them or changes their ownership to you and then removes the ability so you cna only have 1 "pet". For some reason whenever you tame something it freezes your guy. I know whatever is wrong is wrong with the part where it removes...
  16. zaqer50

    A Hybrid AOS

    As the fires of the Second War died down and the mortal races of Azeroth we're left to rebuild all they had lost, on the hellish world of Draenor, Ner'zhul was left with a faction of the old horde and Draenor lieing torn and ravaged by the demonic energies of Gul'dan and his followers. After...
  17. zaqer50

    Pheonix Fire Buff?

    Why is it, that when I create an ability based off of Pheonix Fire give it no buffs or anything and set cooldown to 1 second, it will only shoot once and for some reason gives the target the Pheonix Fire buff. If this is unclear please tell me. Thanks in advance. :)
  18. zaqer50

    Drop 1 charge

    Is there a way so that when you use a certain potion, instead of using it, it drops it on the ground at your feet? thanks in advance :)
  19. zaqer50

    Variable Conditions

    Where can you find a condition that says Condition - <variable> is equal to X? Thanks in advance
  20. zaqer50

    Checkpoint building help

    I was wondering how I could make a way so when a unit drops a certain into the inventory slot of a certain building it would open a gate. Ive been messing around and I can't seem to make it work :( If this is unclear tell me and i'll rephrase it. Thanks in advance :)