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  1. midnight8


    I saw in a post earlier today someone had made all the hombrews with dvd cover art and all, I have all the homebrews burnt in a cd book, but had never ever noticed there was coverart and such. so now i have to do it. :) downloaded all the stuff to redo it, ordered cd labels to use, ordered a...
  2. midnight8

    atari vcs

    just wondering of anyone was in on the back order or preorder. Hoping mine will be here in the next week or 2
  3. midnight8

    Anybody order the new Atari VCS?

    just wondering of anyone was in on the back order or preorder. Hoping mine will be here in the next week or 2
  4. midnight8

    Got my reproduction games bundle

    Picked up the whole set, I had already picked up the spece invaders when I just decided to get them all. Next Tetris and Iron soldier i probably will never end up with the real ones and the rest i figure i can just not play my real games and not risk damaging them..
  5. midnight8

    I just bought all the reproduction games in a package

    I typically hate repros, but couple of these games, I probably won't ever get my hands on because of price, Iron soldier for sure, I just can't justify the money it will cost when it comes up for sale rrely, interested to see what the current next tetris brings when it ends in the morning. I...
  6. midnight8

    Reproduction games now showing up

    Honestly I am not a huge fan of repro games, but I am contemplating buy some for the NUON, just so I don't have to get my real games out. Not sure how much of a market there is for these games. May scoop some up before people decide to quit making them. I just don't think the market will...
  7. midnight8

    who has the Nuon units other than the the 501, 2000 and sd2300?

    Anyone got any of the european models or the rca models?
  8. midnight8

    Not Nuon, but Tempest on a 150 inch projector screen.

    Playing some video games on a 150 inch projector screen. Tempest 4000 on ps4. Gotta get some speakers linked. The phone camera does not do this justice.
  9. midnight8

    Finally got me a little video game room

    My stuff is not hooked up yet, but the oldest kid moved out, we remodeled his room, moved the youngest in there, then remodeled his room as a video game/guest room. waiting on a few items to come from amazon and will get my game systems and a surround sound hooked up.
  10. midnight8

    my find this weekend(not exciting for most)

    samsung M101 dvd player in a pawn shop for 9 bucks. So, now it is sitting there ready in case one of my dvdn-501 machines dies again. It was an easy repair with this unit, so bought it to put up kust in case :)
  11. midnight8

    Merry Christmas

    to everyone except whoever beat me for the ebay auction on the logitech controller. lol
  12. midnight8

    I know I dont really have a good reaason

    but I really want the RCA players, and the streammaster. never gonna find any, much less affordable. lol
  13. midnight8

    Is anyone in on the Atari VCS system coming?

    I paid with mine with Indigogo, 2 years ago or whatever. Starting to get excited that it may be only a couple months before I get it. Anybody else getting one? Hoping Jan or Feb to get and retail release is in April I think
  14. midnight8

    Nuon Tempest 3000 and Jaguar Tempest 2000 comparison.

    10 minute video, got both systems out was gonna show the differences for people who have not had both systems.
  15. midnight8

    Samsung Nuon DVD-n501 not working repair via drive swap

    As you can see in the video I will post a link to I had a Samsung dvd-n501 that had a disc error, then it just would not stay closed, it just acted like there was no disc there at all. After some reading here and digging up service manuals I decided on a Samsung dvd-m101 as a donor dvd player...
  16. midnight8

    dvdn501 and dvdm101 service manual

    Adding as file attachments. see if this works.
  17. midnight8

    Been playing around with Merlin Racing.

    It is more fun than I remembered. I suck at it, but it is fun. Reminds us of Diddy Kong racing on N64. Recorded a couple races on my av/usb video capture device.
  18. midnight8

    dead dvdn-2000

    I bought one of ebay, I am having a run of bad luck apparently. First mistake was made in shipping and shipper did not pay enough and I had to go get it from PO and pay 7 bucks, not that big of a deal, person on other end has agreed to work with me. I picked it up, opened it, and it reads "no...