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  1. djb4cc1o94

    help me making a trigger

    Hi guys i have a hero defense map with 2 teams, and it is playable in 1 team aswell, ie 5 players vs 0. Problem is that the creeps in the other team spawn and i dont want them to spawn when the number of players (USERS) is 0 in one of the team. how can i make it? how do i check the number of...
  2. djb4cc1o94

    Help trigger item does not remove

    Hello guys i've made this trigger Armor give Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions Actions Set TauntUnit = (Triggering unit) If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions...
  3. djb4cc1o94

    "Help" Swap Hero's Percentage lifes

    Hello i created an ability based of channel and i want it to swap my hero's percentage life to the targeted hero's one, problem is that the percentage life of the opponent hero doesnt switch, i just get his percentage but he doesnt get my old one... i show u my trigger, pls help me thx in advice...
  4. djb4cc1o94

    Aura that increases attributes

    Hello guys i have to do plus or less a trigger like this but it must be for an item and im not sure that if the hero drop and repick it the hero...
  5. djb4cc1o94

    Guys help me making a mutliboard

    I cant make it :banghead: I cant make it :banghead: I cant make it :banghead: I even tried reading tutorials but still nothing... :mad:
  6. djb4cc1o94

    Icon multiboard for each hero

    How can i set the icon in the multiboard of the hero picked?There might be 10 different heroes, will i need to usa arrays? Please give me a trigger explain , i have an hero array btw and i dont know to use arrays unless i see them :|
  7. djb4cc1o94

    Help with item in night and day

    Guys i need to make this item Increases the Hero's hit points regeneration by 6 per second and mana regeneration rate by 125%.While in night,additionally increases the attack damage of the Hero by 30 and the Intelligence by 12. I have no idea how to trigger it :banghead:
  8. djb4cc1o94

    Reverse mode

    Hello guys i looked for reverse mode on some dota templates but i quite cant understand them, can you explain me how it works with triggers? Thx For who doesnt know this is what reverse mode do Every player picks a Hero from either Tavern. That Hero is randomly assigned to a player of the...
  9. djb4cc1o94

    Wood icon cost

    Hello back, how to change the wood icon to the gold icon? i cant find it in gameplay contants :banghead: These are the icons , i want the wood icon to be the same as the gold one... Thanks Just finded out there is the gold icon UI\Widgets\Console\Human\infocard-gold.blp but i cant still find...
  10. djb4cc1o94

    Unit give experience

    Hello i am making a map like Castle Defense with heroes and i want creeps to give very few experience coz i got to lvl 10 in 1 wave :| how can i change the exp gain and where ?
  11. djb4cc1o94

    Trigger region dmg

    Hello i am making a trigger wich when a hero enters region he takes dmg over time...i did this but didnt work,is there any other way for do this?Maybe with some ability added from spellbook? Entering Trigger : Turn On Trigger : Dunno if Entering Unit is right... Found this Will it...
  12. djb4cc1o94

    Copying gameplay contants and interface

    Hello how can i copy the Gameplay Contants and the Game Interface from another map?
  13. djb4cc1o94

    Trigger Help

    Hello, why do in this trigger when i order the unit,(as u can see) the unit turns back to where it was b4 the order?that sucks coz im purposely moving the unit to region wich will move to region etc... and if he turns back, it runs everything :(
  14. djb4cc1o94

    Better method this trigger

    Guys pls help me to make a better method of this trigger coz im sure this is the wrong way but anyways... Lightning Events Time - Every 0.03 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Lightning - Create a Drain Mana lightning effect from source (Position of Magic...
  15. djb4cc1o94

    Hero Exp

    Hello i can give to the hero free exp every seconds but i dont know the condition when the hero is sold or is randomed, so wich would be the trigger like? Events - Every 0.22 seconds of the game Condition ??? Action ???
  16. djb4cc1o94

    World Editor slow

    Why do World Editor is soo slow when i rename a unit or when i remove it or create it?It takes between 28 seconds:mad:How can i fix this really boring issue?
  17. djb4cc1o94

    Armor and attack types

    Wondering if its possible to add armor or attack types? like frost armor or frost attack
  18. djb4cc1o94

    Autoattack quest

    Autocast*Does it work properly?Does it work for all autocasts?Does it needs to be modified?Except the Chain Lightning,obviously. Coz it seems too easy for a very good thing ;D
  19. djb4cc1o94

    Changing armor type to hero

    Hello i tryed to change the armor type to a hero by using upgrade "Defense Type Change" but it didnt work, is there a way? maybe triggering....:confused:
  20. djb4cc1o94

    Builder help pls

    Hello i created a custom structure and when i try to build it,it automatically explodes :banghead: i used the "Guard Tower" base unit for it. Help me i cant find the damn problem in here :mad: