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  1. Cheesy

    My Life

    Beautiful post, Varine. Thanks for sharing.
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    Volley Removed From Game?

    No link in OP.
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    Create Random Hero

    Thanks for the alternative, I was thinking about that issue, and that helps a lot. Thanks. :)
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    Starcraft 2 destroyed my sons life

    It's not real, but it's still funny.
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    Create Random Hero

    Ah, thanks again.
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    Create Random Hero

    Alright, thanks for the quick responses, guys. Edit: Just ran into another issue. I am getting the same hero no matter how many times I play the game, or restart the game. Here is my trigger: Create Heroes Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Set Heroes[0]...
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    Create Random Hero

    Couldn't I just include them all in one unit type array? Otherwise I'd have to pick a race for each player, wouldn't I?
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    Create Random Hero

    It's been a few years since I've toyed with the editor, and I thought I'd get back into it, but I have run into my first problem. I'm making a silly simple little game in which each player is given a random hero from each of the four standard races, and must defend against waves and waves of...
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    Youtube size

    I don't like it. It all just seems too small. TBH, I'd prefer something like this: to It can post larger videos using an HD tag on that site, just as a side note.
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    This is a very useful post and clearly shows the OP how to solve this problem. ____ What success are you having right now with your current trigger?
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    Map Desgin

    OP: Hey guys make me a map so I can call it my own, thanks. Make your own map, we aren't here to do stuff for you. When you run into problems and need help, that's when you post here. Thanks.
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    PC Minecraft MegaThread (Image Heavy) v1

    Yes it is. Look at the OP again.
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    PC Minecraft MegaThread (Image Heavy) v1

    Holy shit, I could have sworn I stuck it in there. I'm not trying to BS anything, I really thought I put it in the top. If you want, I can take this out. I'm not trying to steal anybody's work. I honestly thought I had credited you in the top, I guess not. I put it over at 4 am, I was dead...
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    What is the scariest movie EVER?

  15. Cheesy

    Emma Watson Cut Her Hair Off She looks like a lesbian now.
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    Steam Contact

    Not trying to sound pushy, but when are we moving to VB4? Is there a predicted date?
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    The best 8 hours of your life

    hERLH3Q-hCQ :cool:
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    Meteor Shower on the 12th of August

    I just hope I get to see it. :D
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    Ninja Baseball - The greatest catch ever?

    Mostly weird.