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  1. TheGosuBox

    Questions! Easy Peasy ~

    1. Why can't I place units on the map? It appears as a red highlight, and it won't let me place it on the ground. 2. How do I make it so that the "Blink" ability by the Stalkers don't require the upgrade - they already have the ability right from the beginning of the game? 3. I am well...
  2. TheGosuBox

    StarCraft 2 Beta is AMAZING!

    I just finished playing with some AI's in different maps in StarCraft 2 and I have to say the graphics are excellent! I'm only playing on medium settings, but the graphics are pretty much the same as an ultra high in C&C3. I'm just wondering though. How did people make an AI for these maps...
  3. TheGosuBox

    StarCraft 2 N00B!

    Hello! I am a noob at StarCraft. I've just recently finished installing the first one and it's expansion (Brood War) yesterday and I've never played a game my entire life. The very first Blizzard game I've played was WarCraft 3 TFT. The main reason why I'm so interested in getting StarCraft...