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  1. FireEffect

    [Texture] WoW Draenei

    Here's my latest skin, I haven't done much to it, but I'm still working on it. I am working in 512x512 using Photoshop CS2 I'm having a lot of trouble getting the beard on the face to match the part of the beard that hangs down, and this is as close as I've gotten so far. Eyes will be the...
  2. FireEffect

    Tutorial Texturing Capes/Cloth in Photoshop

    Texturing Capes and Cloth in Photoshop INFO: In this tutorial I will be showing you how to texture a cape onto a unit looking realistic but still keeping the Warcraft feel to it. For this tutorial I am using Photoshop CS2, any earlier versions might have some tools missing. This tutorial can...
  3. FireEffect

    Transform ability.

    I need my hero to have a transform ability, but i dont know what ability to base it off of. It needs to be able to be casted when ever and be able to turn back when ever you want. And it starts as a hero and turns into a unit. So once the hero uses the hero ability, then in unit form he cant...
  4. FireEffect

    Footman's Defend Animation as Spell

    I have a shield bash spell and i want to use the defend animation when he casts it then it goes back to his stand animations. Ive tried messing with the animation stuff in the object editor but i cant figure it out.
  5. FireEffect

    Shield Bash Icon

    Ok i need a shield bash icon, i cant find any that fit my needs. I have the shield i just need somebody to make it look like its bashing, i dont want a head or anything in it, just a effect around the shield, like its moving. It can be any color, as i want to try many different colors and since...
  6. FireEffect

    Wc3 is Installed but it Doesnt Know it

    I have had wc3 installed for about a year and a half, and about 4 months ago it stopped recognizing that it is installed. I can still use WE and open the game through the shortcuts, i could play online, the only thing i couldnt do was open through the CD launcher, which that was fine by me. But...
  7. FireEffect

    [CONTEST] Texturing Competition 4

    Texturing Contest 4 Info Texturing is the application of a 2D picture on a 3D model. Theme This contest's theme is High Elves. Click the words High Elves for more information. You may skin any unit, building, or hero into a high elf unit, building, or hero. Rules The model you are skinning...
  8. FireEffect

    Campaign Map Name

    Ok i have all the campaign maps from the MPQ, and im looking for the map in the TFT campaign where you are outside the frozen throne, i cant open the all the maps, my computer is too slow for that. So does anybody know the name of the map? I havent played the campaign for so long i dont even...
  9. FireEffect


    How do you guys do it, i balanced 2 units in about an hour, and its for a TD, so i think this might take a while, they cost the same so i tried to make them completely balanced, and their performance is off by 5 damage. So i can balance almost perfectly, but it takes really long, is there a way...
  10. FireEffect

    Dissapearing File

    I have no idea what happened. I saved a map to my desktop, i had 2 versions of it, as one was a back up, then i tried to test the map and i guess my computer crashed. But the files are gone, i ran a full windows search for the map. I have autosave on. I tested the map, which saves the map when...
  11. FireEffect

    Kill Stealing in TD

    Whats the best way to prevent kill stealing in a TD. In the right position, a 500 range tower and kill steal from 3 different people. It is a 8 player survival, so i can have 4 creep teams I was thinking of making 1 person able to kill only 1 creep team to prevent kill stealing, an example would...
  12. FireEffect

    Yahoo Mail

    Ok yahoo mail is screwing up for me. I use it the most out of all my email accounts as I use it for signing up on sites i cant trust, its pretty much my spam email, but its all differenty...for anybody who uses yahoo, is it screwed up for you, and wtf is the problem? I cant read or send emails...
  13. FireEffect

    Item Requirements

    Ok, i need a certain item to only be able to be used by a few certain heroes. I would think that i could make a trigger like "If hero is (all heroes except ones who CAN pick up item) then item is dropped" or something. I dunno im not the best at triggers, how would i do this?
  14. FireEffect

    Fire Texture

    Does anybody know what the texture path and what mpq the fire cinematic doodad is in? I need a green fire model and i can just reskin the particle if i can find it, does anybody know where it is?
  15. FireEffect

    [SKIN WIP] Dark Iron Dwarf

    Ok, i just started redoing my dark iron dwarf spellcaster skin/model that is on the hive. I got about 15 PMs telling me that its too big and i should make it a skin, but i just submitted it as a a skin and it didnt get approved because it had too much CnP/recolor, so im making it all from...
  16. FireEffect

    Wc3 Texture Request Thread

    Ok, im bored, it summer and im too young to get a real job, so ill do any wc3 textures you need. This includes, skins loading screens, minimaps, icons, or fade-filters. Just give me as much information as possible, reference pictures or a picture you want as a loading screen, whatever you need...
  17. FireEffect

    WoW Update Error

    Im trying to update wow to 2.4.2 i have 2.4.1. Yeah im going to have to reinstall the game probably, and i did repair the thing, 4 times. But i want to at least know what the problem is. Im repairing it again right now, it says it is reseting and checking files. I do not have any model changes...
  18. FireEffect

    Hive Workshop

    Is the site down, or is it just me? Theres the link, if you dont know the site. EDIT - Before you ask, ive restarted my computer.
  19. FireEffect

    Skin Demon Soul Grab

    Ok i made this skin, its 256x256 rather than the usual 128x128, i didnt redo much. But this could be very useful for a demon spell or something of that sort. Maybe it could also be useful in a circus map (it could be a spell to catch polar bears!) See attachment for picture and zip file. Path is...
  20. FireEffect

    Texture Requests

    I need something to do, with 2 days of school left i can start on your skins really soon. I can not model, not one bit. I need specific details. Use this format, if they do not apply do not put anything. Unit - Details (what is the unit going to be?) - Hair Color - Clothes/Armor -...