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  1. Chao

    Translation Party

    I didn't break it but I DEFINITELY beat it. EDIT: Twice. This one isn't so much funny as it is ridiculous.
  2. Chao

    The Last Airbender

    Aang in the show has a babyface. That opening sequence is obviously not the start of the movie. They could definitely turn this into a trilogy... As for cred, the same people who wrote the show are working with Shyamalan on the movie. Blammo.
  3. Chao

    Help with crit strike triggers

    Well, you don't actually cast anything when you're doing a critical strike; that's the basis of your problem! If you want this to work, you'll need to make Veteran Strike a custom ability, with a percentage chance for additional damage when attacking. Events: A Unit is Attacked Conditions...
  4. Chao

    How to make Player join other team?

    Player - Set Alliance is correct. You're just not adjsuting the player to be the Enemy of the Paysans. The other way is Player Groups; Add the turning player to a Vamp group and remove it from the Paysan group. Then refresh the alliances, I think; you can adjust them through player groups in...
  5. Chao

    Calling many (+50) creeps to attack a group of players: How?

    Pick every unit in (Creeps) and do: Add unit to FWAGH For Each Integer A from 1 to (number of creeps in X zone) Do Set BLURGH = random unit from FWAGH Set Point = Position of random unit from (units owned by (user) matching (matching unit is a hero = true)) order BLURGH to attack-move to point...
  6. Chao

    Target Spell without stun.

    Channel with a missile art? You'd have to add the damage yourself.. But that's an option.
  7. Chao

    World Editing Ethics

    Imitation is the purest form of flattery ^_^ Do what you must with what you have, but make it yours. I didn't catch who said the thing about "building a skyscraper on uneven ground" but that's so true... you want something that YOU are proud of.
  8. Chao

    Sci/Tech A robot displaying human emotion has been unveiled [w/ video]

    I don't really find this all that impressive. That's not to say that it's not a great feat of human engineering... but if you can quantify the number of emotions it has, then I feel you're being pretty bold to say it "displays human emotion." It displays "an extent of human emotion."
  9. Chao

    Brilliance Aura Regeneration Rate

    That's because you're degenning 111% mana per second. Try making it true if it's false and vice versa.
  10. Chao

    Please Help Jugde This Terrain

    Here's my village. Hope this helps.
  11. Chao

    When your stomache area's fat...

    Yeah, start getting up 20-30 minutes early and going out for a run before you eat. Since your body will have nothing to burn through, you'll definitely see a difference in a couple weeks.
  12. Chao

    Leak Question

    Hey there, team! I was wondering about leaks. Here's an example: [parse] If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions Gamble[56] Equal to 1 Then - Actions Set AotSMemPt = (Center of AotS_Region[Gamble[55]])...
  13. Chao

    skill level up problem

    Have you tried putting the jump req. to 2?
  14. Chao

    leak checker question

    Maybe you didn't fix it properly. call RemoveLocation(udg_YourLocationVar) YourLocationVar = a point. EDIT::: that's a Custom Script.
  15. Chao

    Please Help Jugde This Terrain

    So long as we've established that I'm not criticising! I'm here to help, homie. ;) I'll post some pics of my lil' farmtown when I get home.... we can work off each other.
  16. Chao

    what is preloading and how do I do it?

    My recommendation is that you do what I do: run the Map Init, but when you create special-effect-intensive triggers, have a trigger to "trigger" them (and establish caster/target(s)) that "runs" the actual FX. That way, at map init, you can establish a target and a caster and have everything...
  17. Chao

    Building that spawns units

    Oh, and you can find Custom Script near the top of the Actions section. Copy what Glenphir wrote in word for word; it's case-sensitive! Aaaand lastly, if you'd like to post recognition of those who've helped you, in the top-right corner of our posts, that little scale will allow you to "add...
  18. Chao

    Please Help Jugde This Terrain

    Well, you figure they'd build nearest water and on/around good land, not to mention high, if possible, to make it defensible.
  19. Chao

    When Avatar ability actived how to give a hero -70% movement speed?

    And Board', try the Search command on this site. There are a number of tutorials and previous posters that can provide you with the answers you seek.
  20. Chao

    Please Help Jugde This Terrain

    Honestly (and I know first-hand how wierd this is going to sound), put yourself in the civil engineer's shoes. What goes where in the town? :)