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    Need Opinion about heroes!

    I need opinions about heroes which i make in my rpg map! should they look like normal villager with all attachments of itmes when he collect them or should he look like an ordanary hero like paladin, blademaster, beastmaster etc. without attachments?
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    Discussion Can somone help me set up inventory below In my RPG map! THIS IS THE INVENTORY! And i will send u my map if u are interested to help me. Plz just call me on skype Hell-scream1 or Petar Zivanovic (skype and...
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    Need help! Read fast! Its about inventory setup!

    I need somone who can set up this inventory ---> In my rpg map i will send u in mail if u are intersted to work on it with me, its also to big for this page to post it! (3.8 Mb)
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    Anyone online? I need JASS worker on my map!

    I need somone wh knows jass and want to make map with me i apply map here! My plan i sto make heroes with all kind of abillities and special abilities made in jass. this is just beta (terrein and map) but its really good lookking all made by me!
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    Discussion NEED vJASS Helper in RPG map ! skype needed!

    Oke i need ppl who know how to work in vjass and can make anything we want! it would be great if that somone would have skype! or something so we can talk! and map is great just reply and i will show it to you! :shades:
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    Pleas read: I need help and people to work with me on my new map :D

    OKe hello everyone i need somone to help me work on my new map a hero deffense map i am Skilled world editor map creator! i need somone for Jass and somone for terain editing!
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    Need People to work with me on a new hero deffense map!

    OKe hello every one! i need a Terain editor spell editor and a skilled map creators! so i am working on a project - a map based on hero deffense like dota but much more better and proffesional! i need some help and i love teamwork :thup: i mean common no one is alone on this world so i want to...