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    massive problems with NewGen

    As far as I know problem 1 is caused by a bug in RtC that slipped in in version 5c. So make sure that RtC is turned off or use v5b. Also if you're running on a war3 version higher than 1.21b make sure that war3err etc. are disabled.
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    Creating triggers after map init?

    Or you can create the triggers once they're needed, like you already suggested.
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    Increasing Map Size

    The No-Limits hack in NewGen lets you increase it above that limit (specifically to 480 x 480 at max)
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    Using Grimex to create channel based abilities

    This was fixed in an update a few weeks ago:
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    JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

    Yeah :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

    I really hope those suggestions were a joke. Anyway, yeah, the JassHelper thread would be the best place to post your ideas, although I'm sure Vexorian won't consider any one of them. No offense meant of course.
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    JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

    We've changed how the dll injection works from 1.4 to 1.5 because for many people the old method didn't work after the 1.21 warcraft III patch. If 1.4 works for you then that should be ok. PS: If you're worried about viruses, you can check the source code at...
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    JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

    Well, it's technically not a downgrade since they didn't add anything nor change anything in the 1.22 editor. Only thing they did is recompile it with a different compiler.
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    JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

    Here's an upate for you. I hope it fixes most of the problems with 1.22. War3err and japi are still not up to date, but I've included details on how to get them work with a dual install of War3. Here's the changelog anyway: $ works for 1.22 (except war3err/japi) $ most recent JassHelper...
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    Warcraft patch 1.22a and Jass New Generation Pack incompatibility.

    Just change the path in the registry to your first installation and apply patch 1.22, then change the registry path to your other installation and install the other patch.
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    JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

    I just posted a small Hotfix for the ObjectMerger and UMSWE here: Attention, this does NOT fix the 1.22 problems.
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    JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

    Make sure that JassHelper is enabled in the menu. If it is disabled the vJass code doesn't get compiled and the script can't be read in game. To check if it's enabled correctly you can put an intentional error in your jass and see if pjass brings up an error window.
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    What is a widget?

    The types Unit, Item and Destructable are all derived from Widget, so if it asks for a widget you can pass in any of those. For example try call GroupTargetOrder(g, "attack", myunit) where myunit is a unit variable.
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    JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

    The compiled script overwrites the vJass script. There's no reason to store both versions.
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    Is there a step into/step over compiler in NewGen JASS Pack?

    You do not need to know python, you just need it installed to run the debugger. There is also a standalone version that doesn't require Python here The Grimoire manual explains how to install and use it.
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    Is there a step into/step over compiler in NewGen JASS Pack?

    There is a basic debugger for war3 called pyw3jdebug. It comes with NewGen and requires python. *points at the manual*
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    Open maps made in WE, in Newgen editor!?

    Switching editors is really no problem as long as you get rid of the advanced WEU triggers. Nolimits has to be enabled in NewGen, it is disabled by default.
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    World Editor Unlimited

    For damage detection you're better off with one of those damage detection systems that can be found in the resource database of wc3c. Cliff tiles are doable in the NewGen editor as well. (Extensions\Edit Tileset) Check out the Grimex manual for more details.
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    World Editor Unlimited

    Well the thing about crashes it a myth. If a map crashes it is not caused by WEU but by bad coding or by an error in the game or editor that was there in the first place. People just think because they are using some tool, everything bad that happens to them is because of said tool. It is true...
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    What UMSWE does?