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  1. ZeratuelX

    Syntax Errors Hilight every piece of code

    OK a few problems. First, in your map you have 1 variable defined and that is udg_Loop. You need to define udg_Array and udg_Laser in your variables editor. Second, locals are only used for that function unless they are passed as an argument. It's better to define globals that can be used...
  2. ZeratuelX

    Need hero spell ideas

    Basically deals 100 base damage plus an equation of INT, in which the factor increase by a power of 1.1 every 50 INT. This basically works out so that pure magic users are significantly stronger using this spell than battle mages. On top of this, users with less than 50 INT will do almost no...
  3. ZeratuelX

    Syntax Errors Hilight every piece of code

    Heres the syntax errors I'm getting: Line 18: Undeclared variable: t Line 43: udg_Laser not an array Does your syntax checker give you any specific messages?
  4. ZeratuelX

    Map Making Idea

    As everyone knows, the 4MB map limit is a problem for some of the more advanced map makers. I began trying to find a way around this problem and came up with a pretty good idea, but I would like to know if this is possible. Because Warcraft 3 Maps use war3.mpq and war3x.mpq to get their models...
  5. ZeratuelX

    Help in beating CHEATS!

    It would be extremely difficult to stop hackers from creating heats in your map, almost impossible. Anything you create can be changed. Blocking the activators has no affect as you forget they can remove those blocks. Save/Loading can be enabled in singleplayer, nomatter how hard you make it...
  6. ZeratuelX

    The exception unknown software.

    It doesn't look like a problem directly with the unit. You said you worked on it for months, what changes did you make when it started happening? It is most likely a trigger issue or a custom spell. Post any triggers you recently created that deal with the unit, a unit in general, or a spell.
  7. ZeratuelX

    Any way to make the Blizzard non-chaneling?

    Bloodcount, demotry241's solution will cause your hero to not channel. The dummy unit will be the actual caster fo the spell, allowing your hero to run freely while the spell is in effect.
  8. ZeratuelX

    Need cool Tower ideas

    Sol Tower Model: Wisp Attributes: Constant damage, fires in all directions, low damage Ability: Burn (5% chance of unit taking 2% of life damage a second for 10 seconds) >> -50% damage at night. Idea based on the word "sol" which means "sun".
  9. ZeratuelX

    Building capturing

    Wow, that system looks nice. I won't even try to compete with that. :)
  10. ZeratuelX

    Building capturing

    Heh. Maybe I'll revise the code I gave him in a bit. Right now he's just gonna have to use it as it is.
  11. ZeratuelX

    Building capturing

    I probably should. I never really got too comfortable with loops because I hardly ever use em.
  12. ZeratuelX

    Building capturing

    Sorry for the fairly late reply. The code I created may be a bit lengthy but is mostly worth it, take out what you don't need. I like to oversupply. Anyway, heres the code. I attached a map with the triggers in it for copy/paste purposes only, it is not a demo. Take Point A Take Point A...
  13. ZeratuelX

    teleporting trigger and stop units attacking

    To stop your unit from attacking other units set its acquisition range to 0.
  14. ZeratuelX

    How to trigger a player-name activated event?

    Like vypur85 said, try an easy name and don't use the unit enters playable map area. The trigger: "Unit - A unit enters (Playable map area)" only works when a unit actually enters the region, and does not count for spawning/replacing. The code your looking for is something to the effect of "A...
  15. ZeratuelX

    A New Role Play Map

    There were some nice models in DoBRP Anathema, you may want to look into asking the author to use those, unless he also got them from another source. I can get the custom files out of Anathema if you get permission. As far as some ideas... You stated that it would be Outlands/Azeroth. Just...
  16. ZeratuelX

    A New Role Play Map

    Hmmm... Levdragon, you have gained my interest. Here's your list of commands in SotDRP Main Command List Abilities Animations Doodads Items Projectiles SFX -- AFX Spawns -- Custom Spawns Terrain Weather Tell me if you need anything else.
  17. ZeratuelX

    How do I make an action occur when a unit's hit points drop to a certain % or number?

    Not trying to flame, but I don't think that will work. 20 by itself just means 20 hit points in the game. LightChaosma's solution should work fine.
  18. ZeratuelX

    CNET Top 5 Worst Download of Summer of '08

    No sound??? That's terrible. It's not really funny unless you hear what he says about it.
  19. ZeratuelX

    Spell Lagging!

    What code did you change? Edit----- A nice, I wouldn't have checked for that kind of problem until later. Make sure this hero can only be gotten once per game, the spell will be only be single instance-able until you make arrays and such for every player.
  20. ZeratuelX

    Spell Lagging!

    Hmm, I didn't try it on a hero, I'll go do that now. I agree, change 0.01 to 0.02. It doesn't affect the game play, but lightens to load of the computer. I also agree as far as changing Integer A to player numbers. These do not seem to be the problem though, if it is a hero only problem...