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    Question on Skyboxes

    In the data editor you can modify it under texture sets and pick the tile set you are using and set "background model(fixed)" to one of the sky boxes. Some of them don't work. If you are having trouble seeing the sky, use a camera and modify it's far clipping-- for some reason far clipping...
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    Question on Morphing (or changing actors)

    Best option is using a modified morph ability. Most units that change into other units have this ability-- you just can't see it.
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    In-game teams not matching lobby

    Not that I know of. I haven't been able to access SC2 lately but I believe it is still the issue that doesn't allow players to choose their map positions.
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    Crime Blizzard Suing Alleged StarCraft 2 Hackers

    I dislike hackers as much as the next guy when playing in but-- Copyright infringement on the same machine in RAM? That's ridiculous, what if you open up more than one instance of the game, are you breaking the law then?
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    Warping In Custom Units

    Yes, if you look at the command card for the unit that has the warp/build ability you will notice that the button uses a submenu index to go to another command card, that card has the buttons which correspond to the units you warp in. After changing the values for the warp ability so they...
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    Stacking Debuffs: like Psi Storm?

    Yes, for future reference, many abilities come down to their behaviors and effects. Use the tree hierarchy at the bottom left to see what is linked to an ability you are looking at.
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    Anybody knows how to extend a model animation's duration?

    From what I have seen an actor may or may not be dependent on the effect of the ability, sometimes it is active when the ability is being channeled, sometimes the effect is linked to an independent countdown timer or sound which destroys the actor when it expires. You can change the animation...
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    Learning from other's maps

    You can learn a lot by looking at the campaign maps. They are freely available in the editor without even having to use a mpq extractor.
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    Swapping weapons as an ability

    It won't change the weapon model, the appearance if that's what you are expecting. Only way to do that would be a lot of work doing it with actor's and custom models using 3ds max at best. But switching weapons can change what comes out of the weapon. Can't change Tychus' color either :(. You...
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    Which is best? WC3's or SC2's?

    Yes, the SC2 editor almost makes it pointless(almost) to use triggers for abilities. With buffs alone you can do all kinds of things like change a unit's morph rate, or sound set or life or armor or shields or most any unit attribute including enabling weapons or keeping a unit from dieing(and...
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    Which is best? WC3's or SC2's?

    If your going to edit maps, might as well know the tools. It took people a long time to learn wc3 editor as well. I think people give it more credit simply because they are more familiar with something they have been using for 6 years. Sc2 Editor is better and way more efficient for doing...
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    Short Cloak with no energy cost

    Assuming your skill level is low, I suppose you can make charge so it makes the unit invisible instead of making him move faster. Go to data editor, behaviors and in the search type "charging" and pick "zealot- charging" from the protoss folder. (if you wanted to know, the ability "zealot -...
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    How to detect when a Xel'naga tower is activated?

    Xel'Naga tower has ability: (tower capture). Just check for a unit to use that ability. [edit: ehh, seems to have complications doing it this way for some reason :(. Just do it Monsterous' way if you don't know how to mess with ability commands and the data editor.]
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    Make a Line AOE ability - like Penetrator Round

    On the contrary, doing a search is how it is done, even for advanced things like physics collision-- but as opposed to scripting in JASS-- using effects and validators to do your searching is very fast and efficient. There are things that go into a low level search, such as sorting ahead of time...
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    Revive Unit?

    It's not hero death time, it's unit stats- death time, any unit can be made to be revivable. Make sure you have all of the fields visible by having all of the orange buttons at the top right clicked except for the last one or you can just search "death time" and modify it from there. Custom...
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    It's in the morph ability. The unit is changed not the model so the actors only have to worry about creating and destroying themselves when the unit morphs. Can't answer the second question on hand :(.
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    Make the armor wc3 styled

    One way is to use behavior buffs for armor types. In the combat section of a behavior buff you can specify how much damage is reduced by fraction then set required effect array as a list of various weapon damage effects the armor would work against. Then you can just add the buffs in the...
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    Revive Unit?

    Two ways you can go about it. Use a "unit don't die" behavior buff that reduces all combat damage that would be fatal to zero and when it does it creates an effect "combat-handled" which you can be used to teleport or do whatever else to your unit. Or you can go to the properties for your unit...
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    Crime 'He seduced you': Married housewife who had sex with boy, 14, walks free from court

    Shes still labeled a sex offender. You carry that for the rest of your life-- But yeah, she's rich and shes a woman so it kind of falls shallow.
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    It was through Rpgstars and Chile's efforts along with the rest of the staff that I was able to participate in's Guildwars alpha testing during it's development and to meet Mike O'Brien and Patrick Wyatt and Jeff Strain. Developers who I had followed from my fandome of Blizzard and...