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    Return to Form?

    Got confused by the email I received - thought it was for TheHive. TheHelper! Way better. I got a lot of help on this site for WC3. I am an active League of Legends player - but have not touched WC3 in many years. I never got tired of actual WC3 gameplay, or the World Editor, but, I do not...
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    Auto Fill (A010, A011, etc)

    Went on a 3 day trip, didnt know this thread would get some traction!!! 13lade619, that worked! rep
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    Auto Fill (A010, A011, etc)

    As per my screen shot, my abilities are usually 20 levels. Bleh!! Real pain to write those values in, especially if/when I just want to change the language/grammar at some point! Thx guys. "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Weep again." ^ LOL, who knows how long ago...
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    Auto Fill (A010, A011, etc)

    It seems silly to me that this bug/flaw(?) would exist 9 years after the game came out... but here is what I am experiencing... when you make enough custom abilities - you eventually get to A010 - and when using Auto Fill, A010 becomes A020 at Level 2. A030 at Level 3, and so on. Which is not...
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    AoS ClockRing Open-Team AOS BETA.01

    I have never bumped this thread, although updated the first post a few times. I just published Beta 13 - pretty advanced... just implemented Ability Power from League of Legends, anyway... holler at me at Youtheart in League of Legends if you want to play.
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    Remove Event from trigger

    I bumped this because... I am having some map crashes, and I thought this might/could be a cause... Trigger - Add to DMGSRC <gen> the event (Unit - (Triggering unit) Takes damage) ^ Every time a Unit enters the map, I add it to my Damage Source detection trigger... but then when a Unit...
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    Disabling Controlling for unit types

    I am about to step out the door, but I think I have this problem fairly well solved. My map is an AOS that can be played in any format (6v6, 4v4v4, 2v2v2v2v2, 4v8, 12 man FFA, etc). ^ Try to control my units :) Making them Wards...
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    "Banshee's Veil" (League of Legends)

    Swapping items is a good idea!! - but no need to do the dummy-cast.. I'll just give the item a passive aura that has an interesting looking buff! rep
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    "Banshee's Veil" (League of Legends)

    League of Legends has an Item "Banshee's Veil" which is basically Amulet of Spell Shield in WC3... it blocks an incoming enemy spell every X seconds. What is *cool* about it, is that when it is active, it displays the buff (a sphere around you) and then when it is on cooldown, the sphere is...
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    Setting Level of Ability for Hero that is currently *dead*

    It is not giving me any problems currently... Units are dying all over the place, and my Hero always returns back to normal Presence Spell Level after 5 Seconds. (even with multiple stacks/bonuses of the trigger running) I will solve the death/respawn thing with another trigger. Thanks +rep
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    Setting Level of Ability for Hero that is currently *dead*

    ^ It's an Aura *inside* of a Spellbook, in fact. Double whammy? LOL. So I would basically need to... make a conditional that says.. if hes Dead... don't remove the bonus... and remove the bonus upon respawn? Bleh.
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    Setting Level of Ability for Hero that is currently *dead*

    I am having Map crash issues, and they *always* occur when a Hero is dead... and it is becoming apparent to me that it has to do with various Spell/Item triggers I have set up... example... The problem in this example, I believe, is that when the Hero kills something, but then himself soon...
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    How to deal a specific element damage without triggering spell?

    I'm afraid your wishes are non-congruous. I presume you have Abilities/Items that add Fire/Ice/Lightning Resistance? Without them, what is the point of wanting to do Elemental damage? WC3, in and of itself, does not make use of Elements like Diablo 2 does (huge glaring oversight, IMO). So you...
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    Unit Group - How Access Hero that is Dead?

    Well I simply stored the Hero in a Variable when he is Sold at an Altar and... it works.
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    Unit Group - How Access Hero that is Dead?

    So here is a truncated version of a Spell I have. Basically, this Hero gains bonus Critical Strike (among other things) when it becomes Night, and loses the bonus when it becomes Day. This works fine, except, when he is Dead. If it is 6 or 18 o'clock when he is Dead, this trigger does not...
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    Copy the same ability

    ...Warstomp already is Cast by a single click? Try giving your Unit 2 versions of Warstomp, but change the Order String to Thunder Clap on the 2nd one.
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    Can any information be assertained from crash/error codes?

    So my map just crashed, and I am curious if the message that Windows provides can help determine anything?
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    Chain Lightning Item - Problem?

    Wrooong, a Hero using an Item to cast a Spell *is* a Casting Unit. Of course it did. I still don't see what your problem actually is though... the 4 reasons I listed earlier (as to why a Unit wouldn't Attack you). I'll make a test later, perhaps, and see if a Target will Attack me after...