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  1. Terrabull

    Missing Command Card buttons

    I have several units in my map with the "Lift Off" ability (copied from the Barracks) and for a while they were working fine. However something I changed recently has made the "Land" button go missing from the flying version of the units. Not all the units are missing this button, but most...
  2. Terrabull

    Actor Trouble with newly created units.

    I tried your method and surprisingly it has the same effect as before. It works on the existing units, but the ones who are made later don't transform. EDIT: Okay, turns out that's not what happened, somehow I screwed up my validator. I couldn't think of any way to do it besides Player...
  3. Terrabull

    Actor Trouble with newly created units.

    I am using the ModelSwap actor event to change a unit's model when a certain upgrade is researched. This works for units that are already on the field, but when I spawn more units with a trigger they have the upgrade, but not the modelswap. Here is an example of what I am doing...
  4. Terrabull

    Need Help With Multiple Auto Firing Weapons

    I'm not sure if this is your problem, but here is something to test. Is it possible for two turrets to point in the same direction at the same time? While moving the turrets can point slightly differently. Change one weapon from using a turret to having 360 degree firing radius and see if it...
  5. Terrabull

    Hero ability level skip help

    Sorry wrong thread.
  6. Terrabull

    Issues with periodic unit spawning.

    If that was your first time loading that unit it would take the game a while at first to create the unit. Use the Preload trigger to get around that lag.
  7. Terrabull

    Recreate the Warcraft 3 "Boundary"

    Does this not work for flying units? I need the tower builder to be a flying unit. I checked, but my unit only has vision height 0, so that isn't my problem. I can see beyond the LOS blockers fine.
  8. Terrabull

    Recreate the Warcraft 3 "Boundary"

    I looked into that map and found it sets the playable map area. This won't work for me because I need one team to play in the one area that is can't be viewed or traveled to by the other team.
  9. Terrabull

    Recreate the Warcraft 3 "Boundary"

    I tried adding the LOS Invisible doodad, but it was able to be seen over.
  10. Terrabull

    Recreate the Warcraft 3 "Boundary"

    I am making a tower defense like game where there is a base that the towers should not be able to see or attack into. The only solution I have found is to place impossibly high terrain between the towers and the base. In Warcraft 3 there was a black terrain you could place which prevented all...
  11. Terrabull

    Damage Response on wrong unit.

    I figured it out. In case anyone else has the same problem: In the effect go to Target and choose Caster instead of Target.
  12. Terrabull

    Rotating the camera around a unit/point?

    Change this to a number of seccond and it will no longer jump. I also suggest you stop using 0.01 seconds, which means the camera will move 100 times a second, far faster than you are planning for. Also once it gets to 180 it's reached the maximum rotation, so it will stop rotating. You would...
  13. Terrabull

    Damage Response on wrong unit.

    I have a damage response with the chance field set to 1, Location to Defender and the Handeled field set to an Apply Behavior Effect. When the unit with the buff is attacked the behavior is applied to the attacking unit, not the defending one. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  14. Terrabull

    Custom editors

    I could think of a dozen things that could be added to the data editor that wouldn't simplify it, but would make life a lot easier. Several key places (like upgrades) are not copy-pastable, and some things that require multiple objects to be created could be automated.
  15. Terrabull

    Undo upgrades?

    There is a trigger called "Set Upgrade Level for player." Set this to 0 and it acts as if the upgrade was never researched.
  16. Terrabull

    Changing a unit's name with Actors

    Can this be done? If so how? I looked at 90% of the Unit Actions to no avail.
  17. Terrabull

    Question on Morphing (or changing actors)

    It's pretty straight forward in the Marine Combat Shield upgrade. Just take a look a that. I think I misunderstood the question. If you want to change the model you can do that in the actors with the "Model Swap" action.
  18. Terrabull

    Modify Life with Behavior

    I am trying to take the Defensive Matrix behavior and alter it so that it reduces a unit's max life by setting the value to a decimal. When I place the new behavior on my unit in the data editor then test the map, the max life doesn't change. Right now there are no requirements because I'm...
  19. Terrabull

    Phoenix Fire Problem

    While following this tutorial here: I follow the steps and yet when testing my map, the unit I add the behavior to (bunker) does not fire at anything. I can see the behavior on the unit, but it doesn't actually do anything. Does...
  20. Terrabull

    Pause Units in the data editor.

    So I have a spawn ability based off of the Hatchery's Spawn Larva which allows me to specify an effect to be cast on the newly created unit. I want to use this to pause and hide the units so that a periodic trigger can unpause/show them all at once. I can't figure out how to do this with an...