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    Question on Traceline Systems

    Id actually very much prefer the shooter way for strategy games... due to the fact that every unit gets ordered to do stuff there shouldnt be that much of a problem predicting units' path. the input lag kind of means, you actually cant do things as fast as you can offline. The other way around...
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    Question on Traceline Systems

    input lag? Well how come shooter games dont really have it? Maybe its not the minimum lag. But then something else about the editor is fucked up in a way that makes it impossible to create a multiplayer shooter game. 0.0625 seconds means a maximum lag of 63ms. maybe its them both added up...
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    Question on Traceline Systems

    if its supposed to be multiplayer, forget it cuz sc2 has 125ms minimum lag and a lot more if you play with more complex triggers. :banghead: You have to add a behavior to the missiles that searches for nearby units every x (i think the least is something about 0.125) seconds, and when it found...
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    Question on Skyboxes

    I think someone said something about it being different for different terrains. That it's not possible to add a skybox on a map that didnt have one to begin with. But maybe Im mistaken because Ive heard that some while ago...
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    Change Game Speed

    In the Editor Menu: File >> Preferences >> Test Document >> Game Speed
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    Mechwarrior Map

    hey thanks a lot. I wonder why I didnt think of that^^
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    Question on Dependencies

    what are those "maps" you are referring to? Usually when you create a "map" you can choose dependencies... and unless you change anything there nothing will change.
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    Need help making an ability

    The thing is I could probably achieve the thing you wanna have... but it would take a lot of trial and error and time. So ill just leave you with a bunch of tutorials that helped me a lot: hope it will get you anywhere.
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    Adjusting player count, and skipping lobby?

    Im not sure about the first part, my guess would be something within game variants maybe... But what do you mean with the second part? Do you want the game to immediately start after you select it from the list? Because that is not possible. (couldnt think of another thing you could mean by...
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    Mechwarrior Map

    Hey, Im kind of trying to build a mechwarrior strategy game within SC2 atm (first or third person shooter doesnt seem to viable cuz of the hardcoded lag...) Nevertheless as of now im running into some problems that I just can't figure out. Feel free to just link tutorials and tell me what...
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    Creating a Beam

    Okay thanks a ton! Ill check out more tutorials from there... To anyone interested im trying to build some sort of Mechwarrior game. But it will be like a real time strategy game as opposed to some 3rd or 1st person shooter (dont think that really works online yet... hope blizzard will do...
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    Creating a Beam

    Hey, I still havent figured out that data editor... Please someone give me a hint how to solve an issue. I want to create a beam that looks like the one from a void ray. Just that it has a 1 second cooldown and lasts for 0.3 seconds, dealing 20 damage every 0.1 seconds. And thats...
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    [Project] Third Person Shooter

    Why should there be limits for singleplayer campaigns? The limit for each user online is 20mb, max 10mb per map. Maybe that will change but thats the current state
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    Why isn't this "order when unit created" trigger working?

    thx for sharing your solutions.
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    Clicking System for Hack'n'Slay

    Have you started the map once? I've imported a whole lot of triggers to learn from. Those are actually disabled... But as i said in my post, the important thing is the HackNSlay library and that thing works. Although I've changed it a little since then. But not too much... I'm actually waiting...
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    Item Shop?

    maybe people might be wondering how to create the interact and train ability. I was just being sarcastic because you havent answered that question at all. I have yet no chance in helping you either, unless I know how you've done it.
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    Working with arrays

    I might be mistaken, but aren't unit groups and player groups arrays? But arrays in general? In the blizzard gui, I think not.
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    [Project] Third Person Shooter

    mmh wasnt the size limit at about 5mb overall? Or maybe there was another one for code only and that was for models and stuff. If the size of your map hasnt increased too much from your current downloadable version there really shouldnt be any problem... Maybe it's a bug or the problem lies...
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    Item Shop?

    Ok so we just have to name them interact and train and it will work? :nuts: If you don't share your solution at least I can't help you, because I've lost my crystal ball just a few days ago. You could for example work with triggers and make every "buy that" button a dummy ability that just...
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    [Project] Third Person Shooter

    Oh how I hate this fact... There's just no logic behind that. Please tell us if you come up with an idea on how to by-pass that.