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    How can I make attacks ignore armor?

    requision gained ya i agree, ive never thought of doing something like that! hmmm let me experiment and maby sell my spells on ebay lol joking. :thup:
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    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    success!! yes it lets me run it but it doesnt have everything ofcourse but ti s better than nothing.:D
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    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    is there some sort of free download for this game? :D
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    Boss battles!!! please read

    Hi guys have you ever beaten a final boss so easily? well if you have then it must of been becasue they always repeat the same mistakes over again. Like for example: the legend of zelda arcaina of time. When your facing ganondorf(final battle) he shoots a ball of magic to you and you then...
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    3 questions 3 answers...

    resorces. I have one more question to ask. For the converting building ability on question 2 i will like to make a trigger that will cost the player resorces when they use this ability. So... how do i do that? :D
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    3 questions 3 answers...

    sweet thanks alot guys.
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    Operation Mayhold

    cool how do you make games like this? what program is it and how can i get it?
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    3 questions 3 answers...

    question 1 mmm would it be posible to make a DPS: (damage per second) spell like doom to work on buildings?
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    Best(humorous) user names youve seen

    the funny names form wow was bigmack for taurens and for undead priests holyshit
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    they should make more uniq games than normal ones wow i want the game now!!! so what is the storyline for this game?
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    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    do you have to have the game in order to be able to run the editor? if not then its smooth sailing for me :P
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    play it!!! I like vangard but i was playing it when it first came out so it had mean bugs. after getting wow i stoped playing it but i wish i could go back. Its prity cool. the proffesions are uniq but hard to do. you can have houses and ships. they have flying mounts and i think you can...
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    How fast can you click??

    i got 34 clicks doing it normaly with 1 finger and 1 mouse :P
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    Crysis or Quake 4?

    crysis i would choose crysis. the storyline is awsome and there were some parts that were indeed a little creepy. like the part that your inside the mountain with the aliens. the game is prity intense if you put the game in hard mode, so thats a good :thup::thup: 2 thumbs up. if the action...
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    Upcoming Games - August

    wow the wii games /mad wow the wii games that are coming out sound awfull please someone take over nintedo please :banghead:
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    Nintendo, arent they great?

    i dont know but metriod games are getting old. their basicly the same thing over and over again. well hopefully "this last mission" will be awsome. :D
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    what is your favorite timeline for games

    What is your favorite timeline for games like for example the atarie time witch i forgot the year. the super nintedo i also forgot the year :D , nintedo 64 i think it was 1996 or something. my favorite timeline was the nintendo 64 time. that was so much fun. I was young and life was good :D...
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    The First Game you've played ??

    my first game was.... i think mario for the atari or something... i forgot lol for the PC it has to be warcraft 3 region of caos. good times :D
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    Advanced wars... so disgusting...

    lol thats so true and well... after that i came out just fine indeed :D
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    Your Dream Game?

    lol thats like for hardcore gamers lol but i like the idea.