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    Creat hero based on enemy hero.

    Is that a channeling ability? If so, you'll need three triggers for that. The first one is the initialization trigger. It sets a boolean to false, store some handles into variables...etc. Then you turn on your periodic trigger for the channeling spell if it needs one. The second fires after a...
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    My map is slowing down.

    I have this map that I've been working on. And it runs fine. However, after I added a new spell and tested it. I noticed that the games slows down after a few uses. Thinking I must be leaking something, I looked at it again. No leaks. So I tested it on a different map and it works perfectly. No...
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    Does killed units leak?

    Yeah, I think they do but if you set death type to Can't Raise, Does not Decay the game automatically removes them so you don't have to worry about leaks. EDIT: Sorry, I forgot. Units are removed after they decay so don't worry about leaks from them. You can kill as many as you want and...
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    Miss aura

    I thought he wants an aura that reduces enemies' accuracy? If he gives evasion to friendly units then he'd still be reducing their accuracy. EDIT: By the way, I think you misunderstood what I said.
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    Miss aura

    Why not just add evasion to the units in a periodic trigger? Creating a dummy every time would make the game lag because units leak a little and creating a unit strains Warcraft. Set the Hero to a variable, pick units around him and add it to a unit group. Then check if the units in the group...
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    Reincarnation question

    I would but it's pretty weird if it's the only item that's like that. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.
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    Dota's Dwarven Sniper: Headshot skill help

    You can base it on immolation to get the mana drain. Configure the levels, mana drained then do this in the trigger. You need three triggers. One when you turn it on and one when you turn it off and one last one to check the number of attacks made. Stealth Mode On Events Unit - A unit Starts...
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    Does unit variablle leak if cahnged often?

    As far as I know, units leak a little. It's not as much as locations or unit groups but they still leak. There's no harm in nulling them at the end so maybe you should do that.
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    Importing a lot of spells?

    You could try to compile all your downloaded spells into one map then export the trigger data and object data. Then import them into a blank new map you'll be working on. Then the only work you'll be doing will be deleting spells and objects you think you won't use.
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    IDEAS, let's here them

    Give him allies along the way? Then make some of those allies turn on him so that the player will have to choose whether they'll level up those characters or not. When he reaches max level, give him an ultimate that allows him to breeze through non-boss units?
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    Ignored Damage

    There's always Bribe's damage detection engine which allows you to modify the damage received. It's also in GUI so it's pretty easy to understand.
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    Stupid units...

    You can try making neutral hostile treat neutral passive as an enemy and vice versa.
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    Reincarnation question

    So I tried making an item that had the Tauren Chieftain's Reincarnation as an ability. I set it to be the first ability the item has and set the appropriate cooldown group. When I tried it out, the cooldown works fine but when you drop the item and pick it up, the cooldown resets. Is there a way...
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    Help with this spell??

    Oh, yes. I missed that line. Anyway, I think I finally got the stupid spell working the way I want it to, I think. I had to use two unit groups.
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    Help with this spell??

    I don't think so. Before I found out about this problem, I was using set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true and that caused the spell to damage units more than once. So I tried using variables so I could check if the units were already picked. Doing yielded the same results as the first method unless I...
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    Help with this spell??

    This is a line spell. And every time I cast it, it damages units more than once. I've already set the the unit group to filter out units that have already been picked so they don't get damaged more than once. But if I clear the unit group, the spell goes back to damaging them more than once. How...
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    This trigger is making my game crash

    Thanks. I didn't realize it was an infinite loop
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    This trigger is making my game crash

    Even when I use attacking unit, triggering unit, add the event triggering unit takes damage remove the still makes the game crash. Turning it off after execution doesn't help either.
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    Aura help

    Nice, nice. Any more ideas?
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    Aura help

    Can anybody suggest ideas for an aura spell? I've been coming up with empty for over a week now. The aura is meant for a boss that specializes in dark magic so it can be a little overpowered. Actually I'd prefer it if it was just so long as it's not "the units within x range die." kind of...