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  1. Igor_Z

    I need a favor

    The problem is, I deleted it some time ago, like half a year ago. And now I installed it again...
  2. Igor_Z

    I need a favor

    I want to play the Starcraft II Campaign Wings of Liberty one more time, but I don't have an account. Last time I asked my friend to lend me his account information, so that I could play the campaign offline. But, recently he sold his account, so now I have no way of playing the campaign. If...
  3. Igor_Z

    [NASL] Replays

    Does anyone know where I can download/watch the NASL replays(2011). I found a couple of them here but unfortunately I can't find more. I just want to watch the STAce videos. If someone knows please give me a link or something. Thanks in advance ^_^
  4. Igor_Z

    General Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010

    Not quite. Did anyone see the green dudes :D?
  5. Igor_Z

    Sci/Tech Water on the Moon: a Billion Gallons

    Or just Neil Armstrong did it :P. I bet it was him. They probably didn't have a place to throw the urine so they threw it on the moon. The little bastards :)
  6. Igor_Z

    Sci/Tech Oil-eating microbe found in the Gulf of Mexico

    Yes but the reserves of coal aren't indefinite... If we can make the process run in vice versa we could use a big amount of oil at our disposal at any time, which will further pollute our environment but it will be much cheaper in my opinion. Sure hope their lust for money doesn't get in the way...
  7. Igor_Z

    Aura on Giver with permanent invisible

    Yes. I think you can delete it because the permanent invisibility spell doesn't show its icon. I used a spellbook because I thought you want to add more abilities besides the permanent invisibility...
  8. Igor_Z

    Whiplash Spell Problem

    Mind showing me the triggers? I'm not so good when it comes to hashtables... P.S: I tried many ways. I just can't fix the spell myself
  9. Igor_Z

    Whiplash Spell Problem

    Yes... This can't be avoided unless I use a buff for each spell of this kind Have to try this... But I don't know if it will be efficient and bugless.
  10. Igor_Z

    Whiplash Spell Problem

  11. Igor_Z

    Whiplash Spell Problem

    I have a problem with a spell called whiplash. Description: So I based the main spell that the hero has of Evasion with all fields set to 0. I made a Dummy spell based on Critical Strike with never miss = true. I used a spell book to hide the dummy spell. P.S: I disable the spellbook in...
  12. Igor_Z

    Aura on Giver with permanent invisible

    Have you even tried if it doesn't work? Just tested it and it works fine for me. Here is a more secure version if you think something will malfunction... Triggers: Spellbook Disable Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.00 seconds Conditions Actions Set...
  13. Igor_Z

    Add active ability to unit w/o them

    Hmm. Check out spell on other units like sorcerer, priest etc... You will see where you have to add them.
  14. Igor_Z

    Making unit unavailable/ available to build

    Can you stop with the hate and insults? Many tutorials are about spellbooks, MUI, Jass, some weird triggers that you have to implement that make your triggers in Jass work etc. o.O... But there is no time for this little but very important stuff. Maybe I want to know how to remove leaks and...
  15. Igor_Z

    Does this leak? |AND| Question about abilities

    Yep berserk works too... Btw can you give more description on what the spell does. Maybe we can find another way to make it so it wouldn't lag.
  16. Igor_Z

    Deleting abilities causes crash

    Hmm... I tried to export ability data and then merge it in another map but the option "Merge Object Editor Data" and many other options from the catagory Extensions don't work. If I can't do this I don't have any reason to continue map making. Someone reply with a solution please
  17. Igor_Z

    Sci/Tech It's now legal to jailbreak our Iphones.

    What do you mean by "jailbreak our iPhones"? I don't understand. Is this some kind of phrase?
  18. Igor_Z

    Spell TimeWarp (with Videos)

    Base it off some other spell... You can hear the sound from the shadow strike. Other than that the spell is very cool. Keep up the good work
  19. Igor_Z

    Question on Changes in Attack Rate and Attack Damage

    Here I think this is what you want? Reply if something isn't like it is suppose to be.