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    Picking only 10 units within range of a Certain Unit

    Caster uses a spell and then picks 10 friendly units within 600 range and kills them, but only if there are 10 or more units in range and only 10 would die. What would I use for this?
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    Custom editors

    Anyone making one?
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    Detecting when someone presses D,F,B

    Can the map be played on bnet with other people if you made that change? Just curious.
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    User interface Warcraft III

    Does anyone know how to recreate a Warcraft III interface? It seems like a lot of functions are missing in SC2? -Casting spells on the portrait ( this included spells that were like target a area on the map such as "shockwave" but it wouldn't harm your own units of course, but it would fire...
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    Name based triggers

    What about getting their name in text and finding which color has that name?
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    Name based triggers

    Is there a thing for player ##?
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    Name based triggers

    no way to turn into strings... Is there a way to find out which player color that person belongs to or player ##?
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    Name based triggers

    Is there a way to make a trigger where If a player contains a name == to condition, turn on some functions?
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    Maps Download folder - where can I find them?

    I played a map called Nexus Wars, but I can't find it on my computer...
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    Maps Download folder - where can I find them?

    Cached? Where?
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    Max life-

    What's the real thing do? Doesn't seem to work
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    Max life-

    How do I periodically increase the HP of a Unit by 20 HP?
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    Spell Request[Flashing HP BAR]

    The bar sits above the hero ( shows up as empty until the unit gets attacked, making the bar slowly turn completely red ) If the hero gets attack, the bar increases proportional to the amount of damage done to the hero. If the hero takes 1000 damage, the bar changes from all red to flashing...
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    Guide Explanation of W3M and W3X Files

    Which file details with the terrain?
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    WEU: where to dl?

    I only need it to open and delete some functions.
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    RGB tinting

    Anyone have a table of RGB for Warcraft III?
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    WEU: where to dl?

    Does anyone have a link to it? I can't seem to find it in via google.
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    got any examples...
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    Can defend deflect magic damage or spells?
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    Default Active Ability-questions

    What's this for? Just to hide icons of abilities for passives?