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  1. GenDeath

    Online Players Dialog

    I didnt see the post between mine and moridin. I believe the concept you were talking about will work. GL with your map.
  2. GenDeath

    Online Players Dialog

    Assuming I understood what you meant. I think dialog menus are good for "settings" I also find it a convenient route for managing alliances especially in a map with unique alliance settings.
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    Tell me were im going wrong here. You have a competitve map in were there is active fog of war. "Wanker" uses a memory editing program to tell wc3 there is no fog of war and thus he can see the whole map, and you want to catch said "Wanker". From what I understood that is what you wanted.
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    I figured you needed a bit of help so attached is a 1 player demo of what I was talking about.
  5. GenDeath


    You mis read what I wrote, Not invisible, it would be like a footman with no visual range so it can not see at all, or be selected. however once the maphacker reveals map the footman can see and attacks. and that attack can be detected
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    One method is too have some units way off in a cornor of the map unvisible by players. Said units will have no vision range then once he/she map hacks then the unit will attack(any other thing as long as it will attack it (so maybe a neutral hostile building?)). Then you detect once said...
  7. GenDeath

    Health Man appears free of HIV after stem cell transplant

    How is it not progress to essentially cure the human race of stds? or is it that you don't believe that people should live the best lives we can? I personally see no problem with the aborted fetuses because its better than just tossing the dumb thing. If we can better the human race out of...
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    Hey Samael88 :D what is up?

    Hey Samael88 :D what is up?
  9. GenDeath

    Is it a Scam?

    I know for a fact it is because, it was sent to my email account that does not have a linked blizzard accoutn so. . ..
  10. GenDeath

    locust swarm bug?

    Its my understanding that locust is a passive spell however this has a mana cost how is that?
  11. GenDeath

    Crime John Caudle, 14, Killed His Parents Because He Didn't Like Doing Chores

    Wow, wow I am taken aghast at what I have just read. I don't like doing chores ether but not enough to kill someone none the less my parents. However this isn't a good reason to take guns away from the innocent people. Then again these days how do you tell?
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    [Windows XP Pro]Fixing a Slight position error in the start menu

    Noted, however I would like to try something that dosent involve me unistalling styler. Because the old look makes me physically sick.
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    [Windows XP Pro]Fixing a Slight position error in the start menu

    Un-Solved See in the above photo just a Little bit of the lettering is cut off, its not so much that I cant read it its that it is driving me nuts. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: I am using a program called Styler to get it to look just so. TYVM for help in advanced, and as always those that...
  14. GenDeath

    World Editor - Can't Save or Open Maps.

    @Avaleirra I am sorry I must have skipped a few lines My Apologies @OP Are you on WIN XP? Because I just remebered that if your restricted you cant save anything, or make any changes of any kind. That could be it, idk I remeber that sort of thing preventing me from saving a star craft brood...
  15. GenDeath

    World Editor - Can't Save or Open Maps.

    Are you getting an error message or anything? Because that could help narrow down what is preventing you from saving.
  16. GenDeath

    Fly animation on blink.

    I think what he means is for a Unit/Hero to cast the ability then for the unit to arc through the air, Maybe a jump system would be fitting for this. It would cause the unit to arc through the air. Like the following available from the hive...
  17. GenDeath

    Passive skill that causes attacking unit to miss on occasion

    Oh, all the better. Thank you so very much for caring.
  18. GenDeath

    Passive skill that causes attacking unit to miss on occasion

    Alright so there is your hero, when he attacks theres is a X% chance w/e he attacks he might miss. So the unit the player controls will be the one missing. not the unit attacking the player.
  19. GenDeath

    *Noob* Shooting in a direction while clicking on ground

    Well you could trigger the projectile and base it off Chanel make it a point target spell and it should do what you want. The spell would use the targeted point, and the point of the casting unit to make it look "right" because it would be the angle of targeted point from the casting point...