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    The Scientology thread - the OG!

    Hahhah serves them right... Here you have to pay taxes if you belong to church :nuts: "to maintain graveyards & churches" they say but really it just goes to the pockets of the priests :P
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    Crime Man Busted for Being Naked at Home

    How stupid. I think people should be allowed to be naked especially in their houses... If someone happens to be walking on your lawn & gets shocked due to seeing a naked person it's their fault walking there :P
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    Sci/Tech Boy Hit by Meteorite

    If a meteorite went even near him shouldn't his hand be pretty much.. ripped off from the body? Just wondering. Also it could be that he fakes it and then asked a friend of his to do some markings 'left by the meteorite'. I stil don't believe this. If he got hit by a meteorite, there should be...
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    Gaming Action video games sharpen eyesight: U.S. study

    This is good news. I noticed this myself too as a huge gaming fan. Good to know it wasn't just imagination :cool:
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    UK News Christian refuses to drive athiest bus

    I wouldn't get angry due to one sentence... I've been told multiple times that I'll go to hell since I don't believe in God. I still don't care if they say "There is a God"... None of my business. What comes to the buss, I wouldn't have any problem riding a buss that supported religion... or...
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    US News Judge's daughter sues driver she ran into during crash

    No way she can be so dumb... Honestly... :banghead:
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    General Man invents his perfect woman

    Actually quite nice... It'd be quite nice if they created a sense of humor & everything. Personally, I wouldn't buy this even if I had money.
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    US News American teens lie, steal, cheat at 'alarming' rates - Study

    For some reason I feel that I knew this already. Pretty much every teenager really lies to their parents at some point. I've done this too. More than once. It doesn't matter though... Usually they try to be too much involved with the life of their teenager which, naturally, is annoying to most...
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    Sci/Tech The CCTV that spots crimes BEFORE they happen in Britain

    Hmh. Not good I think. Even though it can stop something from happening, it also limits the normal people... Usually I walk quite slowly since I like walking, so that would alert me for unusually slow walking and then I might have to explain to police officer why I was walking so slowly, who...
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    UK News Sold out at £6 a bar ... the bacon candy bar

    I would want to taste this someday but I don't think they sell it here, yet. :(
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    Crime Dad raped daughters for 27 years

    This is just plain wrong... So sick
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    Environment 'Jelly balls' may slow global warming

    Same here. But quite interesting actually
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    UK News How could the man who 'raped' me be cleared because he was sleepwalking?

    This is simply wrong. I mean... the guy might have the real sleepwalking thing, but he knows it... He might fake it. I think he shouldn't have been cleared of charges... :thdown:
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    US News Woman out $400K to 'Nigerian scam' con artists

    I've never received e-mail like that and I find them to be really annoying... Why does somebody falls for this one when it really is well known scam, I always wonder that.
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    World 'Child-witches' of Nigeria seek refuge

    I don't understand people who believe in witches... Especially when something like this follows it. :thdown:
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    The Scientology thread - the OG!

    Mostlikely lawsuit yes. But to be honest.. I don't see the "religion" part in church of scientology anyway... It's more of a business so they shouldn't go with names "religion" and "church"
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    General Dad finds naked boy in daughter's room, hits him with pipe

    True damien. But sex is also good for the health you know
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    World 73-year-old porn star bedazzles Japan's aged

    I'd puke if I saw any of his videos. But that won't happen unless it's an accident...
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    Sexy Whimin [Picture Heavy]

    agreed :D great thread tbh, should be more active on the forums :P
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    Blizzard Teasing Diablo 3 Splash Art?

    Oh sweet diablo3 (possibly?). Can't wait :D I play diablo2 really really much every week and i'm gonna buy this one too :)