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    About MUI

    If only one unit per player can cast a spell, it's called MPI. If more than one unit (regardless of owner) can cast a spell, it's called MUI. My question is what is it called when a unit can cast a spell more than once before it's effect finishes? MCI (Multi Cast Instanceable) maybe? If...
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    System LightningRecycle

    Lightning handle id number goes from 1 to ... ? Texgtags from 99 to 0. Images from 98 to ...?They increases two by two, 100 - 102 - 104 Ubersplats from 0 to ...? Four objects can share id 98 :O Edit:not 99
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    Make a unit unable to take damage. Help

    No it doesn't.There is not a buff and it would cause problems with mask of madness.
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    Text Messages

    No.Unless you simulate player chat system with triggers.
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    System Status

    I was like that before read second part :thup: then :banghead:
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    Snippet ASCII Object Id converter

    He was just talking with nice-funny words wtf.What could he say to improve this snippet?It converts object id to string that is it.
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    Snippet ASCII Object Id converter

    Yes same, you can test it you know :D Also why would he search something like "Ascii", I would probably search things like "object id convert", "object integer" things like that. Edit:I searched Object id convert and found damien's ascii.
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    System GroupTools

    Sorry no offense but that makes no sense, proof?
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    Snippet ASCII Object Id converter Also there is a blizzard function for that, it is in cheats.j or some other where.
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    Questions on Offsets

    You still can use offsets in your own map depends on your handle count, or you can add a constant boolean to your system //set this to true if your map don't have over xxxx handles private constant boolean USE_HANDLE_ID_OFFSET = true
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    Snippet Set Hero Level

    You made me feel like everything is bugged, damn.
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    Does this leak?

    You are right, you don't have to destroy something if you are going to use it.
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    Calling a code from variable

    Retrieving a data from a scalar variable is probably faster.His one doesn't use an extra force object.
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    Calling a code from variable

    There is another way, but I don't get how is that useful. globals force NULLFORCE = GetForceOfPlayer(Player(15)) endglobals function Caller takes code c returns nothing call ForForce(NULLFORCE, c) endfunction
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    Calling a code from variable

    Isn't that what your function does ?
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    Unit Illusion System

    Download test map.
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    Unit Illusion System

    Edit:double post.
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    Unit Illusion System

    ^^How much time did you edit that :P Final version library Illusion initializer Init globals private constant integer DUMMY_ID = 'e000' private unit Dummy private unit lastCreatedIllusion endglobals function UnitCreateIllusion takes unit u, integer abilityId returns unit...
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    Unit Illusion System

    I can get illusion next line with this. //No need to create dummy for each call, 1 dummy unit is enough. globals unit lastCreatedIllusion = null constant integer ILLUSION_ABILITY_ID = 'AIil' constant integer DUMMY_ID = 'e000' endglobals function CatchIllusion takes nothing...
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    Snippet UnitStatePercent

    That is why said that, so a unit will never be able to reach %100 with its own movement how sad :(