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    Strategy Strategy Session 1- Tips and tricks.

    Hydras are bloody good if the enermy doesn't get gas based AoE. Even Blueflame helions are pretty shitty against em. They also make pretty good drops, like marine drops, except they are slower and cost gas. As Zerg, if you can get hydras without them getting ripped to shreds by AoE, GET THEM...
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    Strategy Zerg - Ling infestor style

    I really like this style in ZvP, I can do lots of damage with lings if they move out into the open and are bad with sentries or don't hug walls. Also I believe Day9 covered this style in a recent daily Its hella good
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    Whats changed since I left?

    Hey. I know most of you have no idea who I am, but I was a TH addict/lurker back in 2008-09. After I lost intrest in my map I just generally stopped showing up. Last thing I did with community was play dota with Jesus4lyf (awesome game btw) So yeah, how is it? Are the help forums still filled...
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    Upcoming Balance Changes (1.2)

    These changes... Seem good Def likeing the roach change, along with the rax one. Does the rax one impact on the terran's ability to walloff?
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    Fruitseller (Cool) may change his race in GSL #2

    Cool got into the top four of the GSL and is still going. He just may be Jesus.
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    Style Vs Cheese

    I can't be bothered to read though the pages of text about wherether pro's think that cheese is proper or not. But cheese is in the game for two reasons. 1. It punishes teching/stupidly fast expos (Also known as keeping the oppenent "honest") 2. Provides lulz for causal players The problem...
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    BlizzCon 2010 promo vid

    Hopefully they get some fucking awesome BW pros to do a SC2 showmatch.
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    Element TD Update

    How'd you get the different cliff tiles then?
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    TH Mini-Tournament Series #1 [RESULTS]

    Hey. I dont have starcraft 2 yet, but I have been playing around with making melee maps in the Beta. Could I send you some maps I've made, and if possible, could you use them in the tourney?
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    Statistical Poll: What race have you faced the most on

    Zerg is acturally pretty bad on most teamplay maps, especially fortress ones, because creep stops you enermy from building.
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    New Theme

    The ads on the left look out of place.
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    Dota:Is it dying?

    Ack. Can I please play 1 game of dota with you before I leave wc3? DotA 'Tards made me buy In The End off ITunes.
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    How do you fight spam and trolls on a forum? Report of the very first victim of this system.
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    Galaxy Editor Pitfalls

    Hey, do any of you get the SC2 editor runing in the background after closing all windows?
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    New Yorg

    The metal over the top is pure epicness.
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    custom resource

    Sorry to hijack this thread, but anyone know how to change the icons of the supply and minerals in the top right?
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    Item Shop?

    Dude, thank you so much for finding this out. +rep
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    Minigame Pudge Wars Advanced

    Damn, good to see this is still being worked on. Its a wonderful map. The phantom thingy is pretty cool, but if you fire a hook and your images die, then the hook moves to the center of the map. You probally know that allready thou.
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    Adding/Removing abilities? + other questions

    Okay, is there anyway to add/remove abilities from a unit, other than adding all of them to one unit, then disabling/enabling them? Also, what is the most efficent way of changing a units model? And how do you use the marine with shield model? Oh, and how do work items? Is there a way to...
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    So... SC2 makes me wonder -.-

    I find that the editor has everything for a newbie mapper to use, once you get over the massive block that is the data editor (Which isn't even that hard) Also, if your worried about models, look though them. You'll see a shitload of models that haven't been added to the game yet to reduce the...