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    Arena The Pandaren Clicker

    0.o, I am really surprised I see this thread popping up in the member's project first page, I thank you for your interest, Inflicted :) The development of this project have indeed been very stagnant =[, but I started learning jass at the beginning of this year and I hope I can get some progress...
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    HOW TO: Tides of Blood Hero Selection Screen?

    but of course, if we were to exclude the mouse-over interaction and go by with mouse-click interaction alone, then it would be a lot easier to use a unit with relevant images/buttons as their model and use selection event instead :P just another alternative if we wanna avoid messing with trackables
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    Disabling heroes in taverns.

    Simply put the Display text outside of your Loop - Actions: Actions Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Player - Make (Unit-type of (Sold unit)) Unavailable for training/construction by (Picked player)...
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    HOW TO: Tides of Blood Hero Selection Screen?

    Apart from tinted water as a background, the rest would be really tedious imo Take a look at Custom Window Not really up to what's in the video, but it's a start.
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    Something like IsRectInRegion

    Oh, right.. lol couldn't believe it would be so simple thank you, Dirac :) //------------------------------------------ //edit oh but then that blue rectangle on the right could be taller so that the top 2 corners are outside the orange rect and then we'll be back to the same problem :(...
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    Something like IsRectInRegion

    Greetings, Let's say we have a region with many rects in it such that all those rects do not overlap Now if I want to add another rect into this region, say, set r = Rect(minX, minY, maxX, maxY) , how would I check if r is in the region? Intuitively, we could do: /*given*/ region g...
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    Increasing Food Limit by Triggers?

    Actions Player - Add 20 to (your player) Food max ?
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    FPS Problems with Spells

    I don't really see anything wrong with the main actions, I think the problem's with your hashtable but first, I see you didn't use the unit group "UnitGroup" at all, so you can just simply cut that line out now Exactly how did you achieve Hashtable - Save (real) as 2 of (Key (Last created...
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    Removing damage reduction?

    Let m = the number in the field [Combat - Armor Damage Reduction Multiplier] (0.06 by default) a = unit's armor r = damage reduction in decimals (from 0 to 1) Then r = ma / (1+ma) Source: the bottom of this page As the equation's not linear, I don't think it's possible to...
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    It's perfectly fine =], I am quite busy myself, so no hurry :thup: Just wanna ask for some...

    It's perfectly fine =], I am quite busy myself, so no hurry :thup: Just wanna ask for some pointers if it's alright with you: I got interested in tactics sort of game where you have turn-based movement on a grid and all that stuff So I am thinking I would need something even more besides...
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    hello tootiperror :), I hope this doesn't seems too weird, it's been pretty much a year since...

    hello tootiperror :), I hope this doesn't seems too weird, it's been pretty much a year since our last conversation :o and after checking my own profiles, it seems I have this recurring tendency to come back to mapping (after countless MIA's) right around Christmas - New Year time o.o...
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    Another Far Sigh spell XD

    oh emm, either, or only 1 is fine what i meant is to make them slightly different (but small enough so it's pretty much the same) the fix would be something like: just leaving range +10 or both entering range -5 leaving range +5 be sure to account for leaks in the trigger when you put it...
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    Stealth spell help!

    this thread should get you going now you just need a periodic that checks if the (number of unit within 400 range of (your stealth hero)) is equal to 0 if so, add perma invis then (with perma invis level equal to that of the blink spell level of the stealth hero has) if not, remove perma...
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    Another Far Sigh spell XD

    glad you liked it :) about the bugs, yes, I see it now :o after a few testings I think it occurs when the unit goes within the range and in the next 0.1 seconds, walks (stays) along the circumference of the range so it's like both within range and outside range at the same time, this becomes...
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    Another Far Sigh spell XD

    ah yes, that's right, variable WithinRange of type Unit Group and a hashtable called hash XD sorry, was just testing the thing, here's the map i have so far just one issue, just move the last 2 actions that saves the new x and new y up the trigger n that's it, i'll edit the fix in my post...
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    Another Far Sigh spell XD

    ah, sorry about that, i'll post the variables here first, it'll take some time to transfer the whole thing into a map, but i guess i'll just check if it works in the process anyway, here goes Variables: (none of them are arrays) Name / type temp_unit / unit unitHandle / integer old_x...
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    Another Far Sigh spell XD

    there may be more than 1 enemy within the range at the same time so you might want to account for that, one way would be to save each unit's x and y coordinate into a hashtable with it's handle ID not really sure what you mean about the circle part, but to elaborate on what i meant in method...
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    Another Far Sigh spell XD

    well now this gets quite tricky, you might wanna consider something like this , tho I don't know how to use them myself :P but first we can start off (in GUI now) with adding the unit to WithinRangeGroup when it come within range, but since the aura owner may also be moving, this should be...
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    did you set the casting animation field to nothing? if so, try setting it to "none" without the quotation marks