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  1. Kershbob

    Sci/Tech 'Game-changer' in evolution from S. African bones

    It's not just a hand. It's certainly not a hand bone of an extant species at first glance. It is special to people in the field of Biology, Taxonomy and Palaeontology (all linked via the study of evolution). I don't think you understand what an ape is. Humans are a type of ape in the same...
  2. Kershbob

    Sci/Tech 'Game-changer' in evolution from S. African bones

    We are apes. Humans do not live in the same niche as other currently extant apes. This is conjecture. "Just a theory" makes no sense. Every species is transitional. The theory of evolution is accepted; if you want to disprove it you need evidence. The process of evolution is a fact...
  3. Kershbob

    Sci/Tech 'Game-changer' in evolution from S. African bones

    Humans are a species of great ape. Primate ->Haplorrhini -->Simiiformes --->Hominidae ---->Hominini ----->Homo ------>Homo sapiens sapiens Taxonomy :L
  4. Kershbob

    Science Richard Dawkins calls for evolution to be taught to children from age five.

    Icyculyr, you are a classic creationist who is uninformed about the basic ideas of biology. Several other people (on both sides) have stated things that are false as well but you are a hassle. Please define "kind", "macro-evolution" and "new genetic information" in commonly used scientific...
  5. Kershbob

    Does socialism work?

    Not sure what you're referring to here. But out of all the countries, specifically modernised countries, it's not high at all.
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    Does socialism work?

    The top ranked countries all have universal healthcare and free education up to university level. I find it obvious that all countries that see themselves as modernised should have universal healthcare and free education up to university level. The US needs to get off the idea of it being...
  7. Kershbob

    The right to bear arms

    We get it you go to Christian school. Gun ownership is ridiculous, the single designed usage of guns is for shooting things, most likely other people. "Self defense" is a snide and ambigious way of saying "Waiting for someone who I can legally shoot". Countries with stricter gun control...
  8. Kershbob

    Does prayer help

    I don't believe in the supernatural. I can't comprehend how the mechanisms of a non-material object can interact with the universe. I find it obscure how people act during prayer, the mannerisms baffle me. I find it offensive when people say they will pray for me. All I hear is that they are...
  9. Kershbob

    Health Concerns growing over superbugs in our food

    S. aureus is part of the skin flora and in some cases so is MRSA. A proportion of people who have this species as part of their skin flora shed it. Nothing special. Working with raw meat bare handed and poor hygiene is the issue here. The media just likes to make an uproar.
  10. Kershbob

    The most annoying debates

    Any debate where one side is actually right and the other is wrong. They're tedious and in most cases both sides will never change their opinion. Also scientific debates with people outside the field. Like a theoretical physicist talking about astrobiology, oh the agony. I raged a little.
  11. Kershbob

    Sci/Tech One way to kill fire ants: Turn them into headless zombies

    I've done so much work of parasitic wasps this story sort of cheers me up knowing that it's not just pointless and actually has some modern usage.
  12. Kershbob

    Crime Owner Of Gaming Forum Killed, Wrote Killers Name In Own Blood

    I go to Nottingham Trent University. The picture on the article is the campus where I go to lectures. Sadly not the first death this uni year.
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    The Bible isn't evidence. If you read a piece of paper that says "God wrote this, kill yourself -love God" would you kill yourself? Because God wrote that piece of paper. Also you missed this: Yeah about that. No it's not. There is no evidence of a global flood, garden of eden in Iraq/Iran...
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    I always type something like this up and never get a response. But I will persist. Please just name the stage at which you think there is a problem and explain why using evidence: 1) Organisms produce more offspring than can survive 2) Populations of organisms spread out over time...
  15. Kershbob

    US News Scientists find active 'super-thermite' in WTC dust

    The study is by a conspiracy theorist who has a PhD. in Physics not Engineering. The Engineering related lecturers and staff at the university he worked at immediately questioned him when he first came out with his views. He was co-chair of one of the ridiculous organisations with James H...
  16. Kershbob

    World 'Oldest person in the world' set to celebrate her 130th birthday

    She's outlived a few of her children; that's pretty sad.
  17. Kershbob

    Sci/Tech Rocket Scientists Shoot Down Mosquitoes With Lasers

    I had a lecture on mosquitoes and when we were discussing protective measured mentioned lasers and the lecturer scoffed at me. I'm printing this out and sticking it to her door.
  18. Kershbob

    Prisons, a necessary institution?

    The prison system in Scandinavia is pretty good. I generally think criminals are given long and pointless sentences in most countries. The death penalty is horrific and needs to be abolished everywhere. I'm not saying I'm against futuristic mind reprogramming when some amoral scientist...
  19. Kershbob


    This is wrong. Citrate digesting enzymes have been observed to have evolved in bacteria over a long time in vitro in an environment which favors them (it was recent and the experiment started before I was born). Out of interest this was in a model species which has the inability to metabolise...